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At Loewe SS24, Robyn, Hari Nef, Troye Sivan, and Richie Shazam Celebrate the Nerds

After Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe SS24 show, Mel Ottenberg popped backstage with a dream team comprised of Robyn, Hari Nef, Richie Shazam, and Troye Sivan to recap the straight-A-worthy knits and high waists.


MEL OTTENBERG: I’m here at the Loewe show with the world-famous Robyn. Mother. What do you think of the show? Nerd alert.

ROBYN: Yes, I loved the Urkel. There was a lot of Urkel. 

OTTENBERG: Hari Nef, do you have any deep thoughts?

HARI NEF: I was immensely moved. I saw a girl who is dark, twisted, and perverted inside, simply trying to go to work, see her friends, and be normal. There was a tension between weird-ass shit in everyday clothes. It’s the inside out baby, and it’s the upside down too.

loewe ss24

OTTENBERG: Okay, wait. Is this anti-sex? If it is, maybe I want to be anti-sex this morning too.

ROBYN: Is nerdy anti-sex?

OTTENBERG: I don’t know. I dress like a nerd every day and I think I’m giving sex.

ROBYN: Yes, definitely.

OTTENBERG: We’re both kind of dressed like nerds, right? This is Taylore from Interview. She’s dressed like a sexless nerd as well and it’s working.

ROBYN: Yeah, I was happy to celebrate the nerdy girl look here.

loewe ss24

OTTENBERG: You look so beautiful together, Robyn and Richie Shazam. Any words on the show?

RICHIE SHAZAM: I mean, it was full of apocalypse. When that light changed, it was a shock to the system. 

OTTENBERG: Maybe these were good fashions for the apocalypse.

SHAZAM: Climate boiling. 

ROBYN: If it all goes to shit, at least you can read books—

OTTENBERG: At home in your Urkel gear.

ROBYN: And masturbate.

SHAZAM: Emphasis on the masturbation.

loewe ss24

OTTENBERG: Would you wear those nerdy loser sandals? I think they’re very alluring. 

ROBYN: No. The shoes are great, though. But not for us.

OTTENBERG: The first time I ever saw you, you had on platform Caterpillar boots. We didn’t talk, I was just stunned.

ROBYN: I love platforms, but it’s hard to wear them when you’re over 40. You look like a child.

OTTENBERG: Too stuck in the rave. These shoes are not for us. We’re over 40. Some stuff’s for you and some stuff’s not. 

ROBYN: The bags were amazing, and I love the jewelry. Very cultural.

OTTENBERG: Those huge cuffs are great.

ROBYN: And I also love the high waist and the cuts of the jackets, that they were really thin. It looked fucking cool, and it’s hard to make things like that look cool.

loewe ss24

OTTENBERG: Yeah, I wear my pants high, but not that high. And we’re here with Troye Sivan, someone who I think could wear these clothes really well.

TROYE SIVAN: That’s what I was thinking the whole time. “I wanna wear that, I wanna wear that.” There was a white dress that was all piecey, and I would wear that in a heartbeat.

OTTENBERG: It’s his, confirmed. Wait, what’s the song we were dancing to during the show?

ROBYN: “Deep Inside of You.”

OTTENBERG: Fierce. Will I hear you DJ anytime soon?

ROBYN: I’ve DJ’ed that song. I want to DJ.

OTTENBERG: Will you DJ at my 50th birthday party? It’s in a few years.

ROBYN: I’d love to.