Comme des Garçons

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Hairstylist Julien d’Ys crafted the hair at Comme des Garçons to resemble tangled lace sweeping over the models’ faces, forming an abstracted version of a mourning veil. Rei Kawakubo employed much of the stuff in her fall collection, using lace in white, black, and gold, stuffed and knotted to exaggerated lump-like proportions, covering plush limb-like appendages, or tied and twisted over the body, mummy-like, into a succession of bows running down the center-front of a dress. Kawakubo’s sober figures in white (the color of loss in Eastern culture) and black (in Western), many of them with their faces obscured, resembled a funereal procession. Kawakubo’s final look, the last of just 18, addressed the depth of loss. Large, rounded, and exaggeratedly cape-like in silhouette, the garment was shrouded with ribbon, lace, and assorted froufrou, and with a circular cut out for the wearer’s face; it looked like the physical embodiment of grief.