ck one

Status update: ck one is now a lifestyle brand. For those whose memories of the pre-140-character newscycle are a bit hazy, here’s a recap: 1994 was the year the envelope-pushing label Calvin Klein launchedits transgressively ambiguous fragrance with its even more transgressively ambiguous packaging. Thead campaign was a collection of stark black-and-white portraits of androgynous and ineffably hip kids that included Stella Tenant, Jenny Shimizu, and, of course, Kate Moss. It popularized—some mightargue even revolutionized—the new affirmatively gender-neutral aesthetic that went on to define the generation. For spring 2011, designer Kevin Carrigan unveils ck one 2.0, the first women’s and men’s contemporary clothing lines inspired by a scent. Carrigan characterizes the reboot, which includes slouchy skinny jeans and featherweight pima cotton tees and undies, as “young, sexy, and somewhat androgynous, but in a more generational way.” The accompanying ad campaign—shot by Steven Meisel, the photographer behind the original advertisements—launches this month with preening, prancing, dancing Pixies and Laras and Sky Ferreiras in a departure from the ’94 original that conjures his recent “Meiselpics” spoofs on Twitter culture for Vogue Italia in 2009. But, according to Carrigan, these Millennials are every bit as “independent, curious, and authentic” as their precursors—and still game for a little gender play. “Part of the fun is to mix pieces from the lines and play with proportionsand sizes,” he says.

Photos: Courtesy of Calvin Klein. All Clothes: ck one.