Christine Quinn and James Charles Review AREA Collection 4

james charles

James Charles and Christine Quinn were serving shimmer, spice, and everything nice at AREA’s 2022 NYFW runway. The internet’s favorite mean girls caught up with our editor Taylore Scarabelli after the crystal and star-studded show for a polite conversation about room service and the clean girl beauty aesthetic.


INTERVIEW: Let’s talk about the show. I’m here with Christine Quinn and James Charles. How was it? What was your favorite look? 

JAMES CHARLES: The dress that was all made out of triangles and had the gold caps on the ends of the triangles. It was navy blue, that was my favorite. It was towards the end of the show, I think it was the finale. 

INTERVIEW: It was denim! The spikes are good to keep away the haters. 

QUINN: I loved all the angles, all the colors. The gold, the silver, the crystals. It was incredible. 

INTERVIEW: I love anything shiny. How’s your Fashion Week going? 

QUINN: It’s good, I’m late as always. To everything. 

INTERVIEW: Same. What’s in your system right now? 

QUINN: In my system? 


QUINN: Oh god, I wish lunch! Unfortunately we missed it. Just adrenaline, water, coffee, Redbull. 

CHARLES: I had some rigatoni pasta, I had a nice little Italian lunch earlier. 


QUINN: I hate you! You ordered room service?


INTERVIEW: Christine, could you describe the show in three words?

QUINN: Mystical, sparkle–

CHARLES: Avant-garde! 

QUINN: Hmm. 

CHARLES: Well, that’s two, but you can always put a dash in between.

INTERVIEW: Any comment on the beauty looks? 

QUINN: I loved them! It looked like they had nothing on their skin. 

INTERVIEW: Pretty girls don’t need makeup. 

CHARLES: It does seem like this is what the makeup trends are going towards for 2023. This is my first day of Fashion Week actually doing glam. Every day, I’ve literally no face make up, just a little eye look or something. That’s kind of what’s trending right now. It’s really interesting to see how all the shows interpret, not only the fashion trends, but the beauty trends as well. 

QUINN: I agree, I’ve seen a lot of really clean skin. 

INTERVIEW: Fresh! Okay, thanks guys. Time to run to the next show. 

CHARLES: Thank you!