La Source de Lacroix

The extravagant and ethereal costumes of Paris Opera Ballet’s La Source, designed by the visionary couturier, Christian Lacroix, will be unveiled in a new exhibition, according to WWD.  The National Costume Museum in Moulins, France, which hosted a retrospective of Lacroix’s costume designs in 2007, will now showcase the knockout production, which debuted last fall.

The 19th-century ballet, set in a fantastical and otherworldly Persia, is complete with a cast of harem girls, nymphs, and Cossacks, allowing Lacroix to create a wardrobe that marries arresting exoticism with elegant romance. The designer created 77 looks for the show, incorporating two million Swarovski crystals into his embroidered and encrusted designs.

The exhibit is to run from June 16th until December 31st, and offer a scene-by-scene look at the costumes and accessories.