With Her First Runway Show, Chloë Takes Us Back


Remember that Jay McInerney profile of Chloë Sevigny from 1994, when the actress was shy and cool, catty and carefree, sipping coffee at Café Mogador? It was that Chloë—not she of the parodic videos, the faux-sophisticated one with funny manner of speech—that was in full force yesterday at the actress-turned-designer’s first runway show in collaboration with Opening Ceremony, for the resort season.

The inspiration for this collection was simple and autobiographical enough: being a teenager in the ’90s, hanging out, and being cute (without trying too hard, of course). There were some choice details that moved between body-con and quinceañera, in subtle details like shoulder slits, eyelets, and laser cutouts—all of which made the looks more feminine, while still maintaining a boyish attitude. There was just enough exposure, and lengths made sense.

Sevigny’s done three seasons before (fall/winter ’09, holiday ’09, and pre-spring ’11), and like those, this one was girly. Not in a bubblegum kind of way, but in a way that was specifically ’90s—from high-tops to crop tops. Like when hardcore girls end up going Bettie Page style when they want to look feminine. This was like the punky skater girl gone pretty, but still casual (see look 5 in the slideshow above).

The best looks, like the ones above, stood out as great day-to-night staples. And at these prices—$550 for cotton, $1,000 for leather—you’d better be able to wear it all day long.