Don’t Mess With a Classic: UniQlo Cashmere

There are some holiday classics that are not to be messed with. I’ve been a fan of UniQlo cashmere sweaters since they first opened in New York. Not only is the price just right, but these fast-fashion knits stand up to daily wear better than some of their designer counterparts. Recently I needed to buff my collection of basic colors and, once in the store, discovered that the Japanese emporium had outdone themselves with updated versions of their instant classics.

First of all, it comes in all the basic perfect neutral colors—deep navy, sweatshirt grey, and rich black—which you will keep forever. Then there are equally unforgettable Day-Glo brights: highlighter yellow and pink and electric blue,  that will be right on trend come this spring. The gauge of the cashmere is a perfect balance of coziness and versatility, and dresses up and down in equal measure. And as for the measurements: with a Japanese sensibility, these sweaters are fitted but not tight; a little short without looking cropped. Collect ’em all!