Camille Razat Has a Very Balmain Birthday at Paris Fashion Week

How does Emily in Paris star Camille Razat celebrate her birthday? At Balmain‘s glittery, glamorous FW23 show, of course. Creative director Olivier Rousteing refreshed the the brand’s most recognizable motifs, sending models drenched in elegant pearls and architectural silhouettes down the runway to the sound of Frank Sinatra. After the show, our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli caught Razat before her champagne nightcap to wish the actor un joyeux anniversaire and chat about all things Parisian.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Hi, nice to meet you. How do you say that in French? Enchanté

CAMILLE RAZAT: Enchanté, parfait. 

SCARABELLI: Can you introduce yourself to the camera?

RAZAT: Yes, hello. I’m Camille Razat and I’m an actress.

SCARABELLI: So today is a special day because we’re at the Balmain show, but it’s also a special day for another reason. Can you tell us what day it is today?

RAZAT: Um, I think it’s my birthday. [Laughs]

SCARABELLI: Ooh! [Laughs] Happy birthday! 

RAZAT: Thank you.

SCARABELLI: I’m not gonna sing you “Happy Birthday” in French because that would be embarrassing. But I do want to ask you about your outfit. First of all, show us what you’re wearing. Wow, gorgeous. Stunning. Amazing. Can you tell us what you carry in your purse for Fashion Week?

RAZAT: Well, it’s not very fancy. My phone and cigarettes. It’s bad to smoke, don’t smoke. And my passport.

Camille Razat (left) and Tati Gabrielle.

SCARABELLI: Chic. What did you think of the collection?

RAZAT: I think it was amazing. What I really loved about it was that Olivier [Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director] was paying tribute to Balmain, because we have like every element from back in the day: the bows, the pearls. The fact that he’s constructing his silhouettes like architecture, I love it. It’s an homage but you can see Olivier’s touch. He’s a genius.

SCARABELLI: Can you describe the collection in three words?

RAZAT: Iconic. Timeless. Cinemagraphic.

SCARABELLI: Fabulous. Did you see any crushes in the front row?

RAZAT: Um, you mean the guests? 


RAZAT: Well, I love Léna Mahfouf. She’s very well known here in France. She’s an influencer. But she’s more than that.

SCARABELLI: Do you have any tips for an American girl in Paris during Fashion Week? Any do’s and don’ts? Things to avoid?

RAZAT: No, I don’t. Because I think the best way is to go your own way and be yourself. [Whispers] Do it your way. 

SCARABELLI: How will you be celebrating your birthday tonight?

RAZAT: Sadly I won’t be because tomorrow I’m working very early. So I’m just going to drink a little bit of champagne and go to bed.

SCARABELLI: Well, enjoy. Happy birthday! 

RAZAT: Thank you so much. I love the magazine, so it is a real pleasure.