Behind the Jeans at Gerlan

Architect Shawn Maximo used to design Gucci boutiques; for the last two seasons he’s done the stage sets for Gerlan Jeans. Last season he created a front-row-only maze in the apartment of Patricia Field. Here the architect shares his inspiration for this Sunday’s show:

Here is the final runway configuration for the stage set, represented more or less as a collage. This season, Gerlan’s show is at the Audi showroom on Park Avenue this season. I’m modeling the runway after a hazy cul de sac. I also worked on some animations that Bec Stupak will be mixing live at the show, with her own animations too. Hopefully in this reproduction you can make out my dime-bag dolphin eating the press pit. For the show Mended Veil is making  contraband jewelery; the entire thing is quite the family affair.  As Gerlan would say, “It takes a village…”