Band of Outsiders

“I like to make clothes that people want to live in,” explained Scott Sternberg, designer, at Band of Outsiders’ Fall 2014 presentation, held at the label’s future flagship store.  “I want them to have a sense of joy and personality.”

Ranging from floor-length rabbit fur to plaid brushed wool coats, floral silk crepe de chine dresses, and alpaca cable knit sweaters, Sternberg’s latest collection is infused with ease and humor.

Inspired by surrealist photographer Man Ray and his muse, Lee Miller, one of the major highlights and running themes throughout the collection was trompe l’oeil: over-the-elbow leather gloves featured printed outlines of fingernails; a belt, pockets, and a center zip were drawn on a white knee-length skirt; a printed PVC cape came with two false white pockets and three toggle ties.

“When you think of surrealism, there’s a level of levity to that art movement, where it’s fun,” Sternberg told us. “It’s funny, but it’s serious art and it’s commenting on the times. It’s things I hope my brand represents.”

Every model wore saddle shoes with offset heels, made of various materials including calfskin, shearling, and wool. Some of the shoes even had trompe l’oeil appliqués, which made them appear like the shoes your grandmother wore with her poodle skirt.

With his playful silhouettes and patterns, Sternberg fulfilled his goal. Even Anna Wintour was smiling.

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