Back to Back: Jil Sander and Dolce & Gabbana




My re-see at Jil Sander was like landing on the planet Pandora. It was about the randomness of nature–colors complimenting and contrasting with each other in a harmonious jungle of electric flora and fauna. In that heat, models turned into mosquitoes in red plastic sunglasses and skinny but surprisingly breezy suits with colored bands across the waist and super-short shorts. Patterns came candy-coated but flat, and shoes were in an exuberant off-black blue.

In contrast, Dolce and Gabbana stayed closer to home–somewhere on the Italian seaside–where salty whites and beiges in weathered fabrics are de rigueur for the chic fishermen. These relaxed clothes would look just fine cinched in practical jute rope. Meanwhile, Annie Lennox, on a grand piano in a grand dame black lace ball gown, acted as both backdrop and the source of background music, giving the show a shot of the surreal.