Artist Martine Gutierrez Pays Homage to New York City’s Claws-Out Spirit

Top by Gucci.

“How did these images come together, you ask?” says Martine Gutierrez, the artist known for her portraits of mannequins as well as her mannequin-like portraits of humans. “I waved my little glam wand around, and Mel [Ottenberg, Interview’s creative director] waved it back at me, and bippity boppity boo, bitch.” Here, the artist goes on assignment for us with an homage to the claws-out spirit of New York City while sharing some of her thoughts along the way.


“In terms of narrative, I was thinking about New York’s catfight energy. People who live here are hungry for their dreams, and it’s far from relaxing. This is a reminder of the path that I’ve taken to stomp out New York and make a name for myself here. It’s so Studio 54, being a go-go dancer for, like, a minute, and then having gallery representation.”

Martine wears Dress by Ashish. Shoes by Aquazzura. Sonny wears Jacket, Pants, and Shoes by Balenciaga. Jewelry Sonny’s own.


“Magazines and advertising and now, more than ever, social media are the codes that the next generation is learning from. Being a trans woman of color, it’s like, no shade, but don’t just invite us in. Give us marginalized folks autonomy over our own image so that we can at least voice our own ideas instead of them being appropriated by the mainstream.”

All clothing and accessories by Marc Jacobs.


“I’m kind of known for having this long Cher hair,” says Gutierrez, who had her hair cut by her friend Sunny on set. “And if there was ever going to be a moment to change that, it would have to be documented and published.”

All Jeans by Levi’s.


Models: Dara Allen, Devan Diaz, Haize Odogbo, Martine Gutierrez, Maya Mones, Nomi Ruiz, Stevie Triano
Hair: Sonny Molina
Makeup: Martine Gutierrez
Production: Fernando Cerezo III, Jesus Medina