One New York Store Will Let You Look British Now

Last night in a cozy storefront on Orchard and Rivington, the Union Jack marked the opening of the latest  injection of Brit dandyism to New York. British behemoths Paul Smith and Ben Sherman have long provided colonials with offbeat suiting and mod inspired options, but Any Old Iron makes those feel downright Dickensian. Want a tuxedo jacket that will make you feel like David Bowie? They’ve got one; and it’s covered in sequins to boot. The brainchild of Andrew Clancey, a music stylist turned entrepreneur (seen last night sporting a purple and black regatta-striped jacket and a chapeau worthy of the Mad Hatter), Any Old Iron specializes in rare, UK-specific menswear inspired by British rock and roll. “In England,” Clancey explains, “all fashion is tied to music. The mod look, the punk look, they all stem from very specific musical movements from the sixties to the present.” Ah, the look of beating to your own drum.