Superstar Candy


“I am not a genuine woman,” wrote underground film star Candy Darling in her diary, “I am not interested in being genuine. I am interested in the product of being a woman and how qualified I am.” 

James Lawrence Slattery moved to New York City at a time when it was illegal to walk the streets wearing women’s clothing. She emerged as Candy Darling, a nascent off-Broadway performer of ethereal beauty. A fixture at Warhol’s factory and Max’s Kansas City, Darling was immortalized in the Lou Reed songs “Candy Says” and “Take A Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as Warhol’s films Flesh and Women in Revolt

Armed with this sophisticated and slippery view, as well as a well-developed understanding of the subtleties of glamour and fame, Darling became one of the best known denizens of Andy Warhol’s factory.  Now, decades later, NARS Beautiful Darling Gift Set revisits the fabulousness that was Candy Darling, in the shape of something they both can claim an expertise–  makeup.