Amelia Gray on Frame, Fame, and Fashion Week Meltdowns


Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray, photographed by Erik Torstensson.

In the brand new campaign for FRAME, 22-year-old model and it-girl Amelia Gray turns up the heat in bold denim essentials, homing in on the brand’s youthful yet timeless style. Gray succeeds Gisele Bündchen as the face of the brand—a total “pinch me” moment, she told our editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg, who styled the Summer 2024 campaign, shot by Erik Torstensson, at the Chateau Marmont earlier this year. To find out what it takes to look hot in denim, and get answers to the age-old question of baggy versus stretchy, Mel gave Amelia a call last week, just as Mercury entered retrograde.


GRAY: What’s in the air? Mercury entered retrograde. It’s April Fool’s. What the fuck?

OTTENBERG: I can’t do it.

GRAY: I can’t do it.

OTTENBERG: I mean, I’m going to do it, but I just want to be real. I can’t do it.

GRAY: No, I can’t do it.

OTTENBERG: So wait, do you have a nervous breakdown after fashion week or does it happen later?

GRAY: I have a nervous breakdown on the last three or four days of fashion week, and then I go to L.A. and I sleep in my childhood bed for 10 days and I don’t get out of bed. That’s my nervous breakdown.

OTTENBERG: That’s called self-care, babe.

GRAY: Right. It’s a self-care breakdown. When’s yours?

OTTENBERG: Well, this year I went to Mexico and I was hoping that that saved me, but now today, I’m not sure if it did. 

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray, photographed by Erik Torstensson.

GRAY: Right.

OTTENBERG: But listen, I’m good. I got laid last night. I watched Jesus Christ Superstar for Easter. Everything’s fine.

GRAY: Yes.

OTTENBERG: So Amelia, I styled you for the new Frame campaign. You look super hot. Thank you for allowing me to style you.

GRAY: Thanks for styling me and making me look and feel super hot.

OTTENBERG: I just want to make you feel hot, Amelia. So, what’s the denim guide these days for looking hot? Is it stretchy jeans or baggy jeans?

GRAY: It’s the baggy jeans, but it’s also the tight jeans, so it’s like two opposites. Maybe one night I’m feeling like I want to be showing booty and then it’s tight jeans, but most times it’s baggy jeans and people can question what’s underneath.

OTTENBERG: Oh, yes. Got it. String bikini under the baggy jeans, maybe?

GRAY: Of course. String something. If it’s not a bikini, it’s a g-string for sure.

OTTENBERG: Right. Do you wear sunblock?

GRAY: I wish.

OTTENBERG: When you’re older you’ll wear it.

GRAY: Right. I’m hoping that the lasers by that time are really good.

OTTENBERG: They’re going to be great. Wait, when you’re in L.A., do you ever stay at the Chateau Marmont, where we shot Frame? Or do you stay at your mom’s house?

GRAY: I’ve never stayed at the Chateau. I only stay at my mom’s house. It’s funny though, because every time a client flies me to L.A., they always have an option to put me up somewhere. And I always think I’m going to want to be in a hotel but then I land and I just want to go to my mom’s house.

OTTENBERG: I love that.

GRAY: I’m so lucky to be able to sleep in my childhood bedroom at 22. It’s the only thing that I think has saved me and kept me grounded.

OTTENBERG: Have you modernized it or is it giving childhood? Are there posters on the wall?

GRAY: My posters are not there anymore, which is so sad. I used to have this whole Tumblr wall of every single fashion cover. I need to pull up pictures. 

OTTENBERG: What are they called? When you’re like, “This is all going to come true.”

GRAY: Vision board. 

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray, photographed by Erik Torstensson.

OTTENBERG: Yes. Who do you think is the hottest chick to ever wear denim? What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

GRAY: Gisele [Bündchen] in Frame.

OTTENBERG: Yes. Gisele in Frame is a hard one to follow, but you’ve followed it really well. Have you ever met her? I’ve never met her.

GRAY: I met her, yes. I had the honor to be seated next to Erik [Torstensson] at the Frame dinner, and then to his left was Gisele, so I met her. It was crazy. It feels like… pinch me, that I am following her campaign.

OTTENBERG: I mean, obviously babe. You’re the chick for the new gen. 

GRAY: Oh, wow. I’m honored. 

OTTENBERG: I love shooting you with Erik. I’ve known Erik for forever. He was fast and he made you look hot. What more can I ask?

GRAY: It was the best day. Frame was my favorite brand when I was like 15. And I remember they launched this leather trench coat, and I think one of the girly pops back in the day was wearing it, maybe it was Kendall, Bella, I don’t know, one of them. I saw them wearing it and
I needed to have it. It was the only thing I asked for Christmas in 2016 and my mom bought it for me. I wore it every single day. 

OTTENBERG: And now you’re literally that bitch.

GRAY: It was a big deal. That shit was expensive. I remember she was like, “You better be grateful. This was not a cheap coat.” So now, it’s pretty crazy that I’m the face. 

OTTENBERG: My last question is, your hair is looking really good these days. Do you have a hair secret or tip?

GRAY: Oh my god. Yeah, I do. My hair started to change when I started using really shitty shampoo full of sulfates. So that’s my tip. I use this Liquid Glass Drybar shampoo and conditioner. That’s my tip.

OTTENBERG: Wait, the thing you’re using is bad for you?

GRAY: Well, yeah. It can’t be good. It’s full of sulfates.

OTTENBERG: But listen, if it works, it works. 

GRAY: It works, you know? So yeah, my tip is Drybar Liquid Glass, sulfate-full.

OTTENBERG: Welcome to the future. Listen, have fun at the party. Congrats on knocking Gisele off of the billboard. And I love you. That’s it.

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray, photographed by Erik Torstensson.