Amanda Lepore Tells Everything, and Nothing


Getting Amanda Lepore to expose herself verbally can be a challenge. The self-anointed “number one transsexual in the world” might have perfected her unique form through the most cutting-edge plastic surgery, but the New Jersey-born New Yorker shies away from more prosaic technologies. The fact that she never uses a computer (and remains as elusive during the day as she is ubiquitous in New York nightlife) has not prevented Lepore from being David Lachapelle’s muse, the face of Heatherette, Swatch and M.A.C, and now the curator of a selection of emerging fashion designers’ wares from Not Just a Label (NJAL), a leading global online showroom for emerging designers. Picking pieces from the site’s registered users, Lepore has highlighted a neon-tie-dyed bikini by Argentina’s ‘Jane Pain,’ an opalescent folded pig suede pochette by Darkest Star, and a turquoise metallic jacket by Junan Mabeyel Cuco. Like Lepore herself, these garments defy description, leaving words behind as mere afterthoughts. However, Lepore offers a few choice insights here—inviting us into the brain that inhabits such a flawless plastic-fantastic package.

ANA FINE HONIGMAN: What was your thinking when selecting items for SHOP?

AMANDA LEPORE: NJAL asked me to select items from more than 100 designers. They didn’t give me many limitations, they just said I should remember its summer and we want colours. I basically selected what excited me.

AFH: What or who is your ideal of glamour?

AL: Sex, disco, New York nights and sexy boys

AFH: What is your style advice for average women?

AL: Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

AFH: What do you demand from a dress?

AL: Well my dresses are very tight and mostly all made for me —couture, baby.

AFH: Where do you get inspiration for your style?

AL: On my travels, in my city and through my music

AFH: What were you thinking when selecting the menswear items on SHOP?

AL: Are these optimally items that you’d want to dress a lover to wear? I want the NJAL boys to wear something easygoing this summer; all pieces are very casual but can be worn to any of my parties as well. NY can get very hot in summer, let’s show some skin!!

AFH: What is your favorite item from your SHOP selection?

AL: I already bought it for myself and won’t tell. I’ll wear it for NY Fashion Week.

AFH: What qualities connect all your selections for SHOP?

AL: The fact that these pieces and the emerging designers behind them are equally good if not better than established fashion houses; people should be aware that these items represent pieces of culture and art, and are not products of corporate brand management.

AFH: Who is someone who you think embodies the best of totally natural, understated beauty?

AL: Myself obviously. I worked on perfect beauty for a lifetime.