Alison Lou Puts a Ring on it

“I would love to see Beyoncé wearing my jewelry,” Alison Chemla told us at the launch of her debut jewelry line, Alison Lou, on Wednesday night. An appropriate, if ambitious choice—it’s not difficult to imagine Beyoncé decorated with Chemla’s playfully ostentatious, winking, gold rings or pouting lip pendants. Chemla’s current lookbook model is Jemima Kirke, “an old family friend,” and another celebrity with some swagger.

“The inspiration for my line was emoticons,” Chemla laughed. “It started really small with 16 pieces, and then I expanded it to make it more about messages and not just about emoticons,” she continued, proudly displaying her array of rings.  “What I love about it is that you can mix and match and that you can’t really tell that it’s all from the same place…I look for something that people can point out and be like, ‘Ooh, where did you get that?” Chemla’s current favorite piece is a ring made especially for her launch. “It’s supposed to be Marilyn Monroe’s face, but in diamonds.”

The 24-year-old jewelry designer, a former intern at House of Waris and Finn jewelry, has plenty to celebrate on Wednesday; Alison Lou debuted at New York’s Five Story this week and her fashionable friends including Hannah Bronfman, Leandra Medine, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, and Harley Viera Newton, were out in full force to support her launch.