Alexander McQueen’s Mean Meat Pies

It takes a trip to Milan to taste the truly carnivorous character of British fashion, where Alexander McQueen sent 45 meat pies down the runway Monday evening. The look was straight out of Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd—especially the show-stopping leather butcher’s apron, which we trust was bloodproofed (although in a vivid auburn, maybe it was just soaked through). Although the models were thicker than Johnny Depp, they had equally pale makeup, high cheekbones, and sickly shadowed eyes. 

Instead of straight razors, silver-topped canes threatened to become weapons. Washboard breastplates screamed masculinity, causing our imaginations to run wild with the grisly backstage goings-on. But McQueen—the man who’s been known to take his runway bow in a bunny suit—couldn’t keep it entirely serious. The overstuffed codpieces kept the collection comic—if not, for the models at least—a relief.

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