Christina Ricci Goes on a Fashion Scavenger Hunt at Fendi FW23


Backstage at Fendi’s moody, elegant Milan Fashion Week FW23 show, EIC Mel Ottenberg took the Yellowjackets star and original deadpan diva Christina Ricci on a journey to track down her fave looks from the runway.


MEL OTTENBERG: Oh my god, Christina Ricci. Icon. Legend.


OTTENBERG: What’d you think of the show?

RICCI: I really loved it. I saw several things I’m going to beg Kim to give me.

OTTENBERG: Are you a “Twin Peaks” girl? The “Twin Peaks” theme song was the entire soundtrack today.

RICCI: I do love “Twin Peaks,” yeah. The last time I watched the entire original series was about 15 years ago.

OTTENBERG: I highly recommend watching it again. I’ve been Bob many Halloweens in a row.

RICCI: Never gets old.

OTTENBERG: I thought there were so many good things in the show, but can you remind me what they were? Because I forgot.

RICCI: I was really obsessed with that peekaboo bag. It’s cognac-y brown and I want it so badly. It might be over there.

OTTENBERG: Let’s find it. Okay, we’re walking backstage, the show just ended in but we’re breaking in.

RICCI: Where’s the bag that I want? [Motions] It’s there! Do you think I can touch it?

OTTENBERG: I think you can touch it. It’s incredible.

RICCI: I think because Kim [Jones] loves me so much I’m allowed to touch it.

OTTENBERG: I’m here with Christina Ricci and we found her favorite bag from the Fendi show backstage.

RICCI: It’s going to be mine one day.

OTTENBERG: Someday she’ll be yours.

RICCI: Kim, I want it.

OTTENBERG: It’s so fierce, Kim.

RICCI: I watched this come down the runway and all I thought was, “I need it. I love it. It should be mine.”

RICCI: Maybe Kim will give it to me for my birthday.

OTTENBERG: Wait. What sign are you?

RICCI: I’m an Aquarius. So I just had my birthday.

OTTENBERG: Wow. I’m shopping with Christina Ricci backstage at the show. 

RICCI: You never used to be able to do this at fashion shows, by the way.

OTTENBERG: No, you didn’t. And I still think that people are going to get mad, but they kind of don’t.

RICCI: Yes. Social media really opened it up for us. I could see this being my everyday bag. I’m just going to pet her for a while. [Motions] This is the dress I was talking about. It’s tucked. Look at this detail in the back right above your butt.

OTTENBERG: Kim, this dress is beautiful. Would you wear a backless cashmere turtleneck gown?

RICCI: Yes, I would. I loved the whole thing. There was one cashmere navy dress that had a tuck in the back. I was like, “I want that. I want to wear it to something.”

OTTENBERG: I want that for you.

RICCI: It was so gorgeous. I want to wear this to a premiere. It’s so beautiful and flattering with the halter neck. And it’s fucking cashmere. Everything should be made out of cashmere.

OTTENBERG: This is my favorite look. It’s your favorite look as well, right?

RICCI: Yes. I love it. And this with my favorite bag would just be like, “What an expensive lady.”

OTTENBERG: I want to find this other look that I’m really into. It’s a tan trench coat with sequins on the inside. Like, what the fuck?

RICCI: That was really beautiful. And I loved the double collar trench. [Motions] So, what are these called?

OTTENBERG: It’s a jumpsuit.

RICCI: It’s a jumpsuit?


RICCI: But it’s a Fendi jumpsuit. Not like my Carhartt jumpsuit that I’m obsessed with.

OTTENBERG: But you know what? A Carhartt jumpsuit is a perfect jumpsuit. And then you need a Fendi one in the most beautiful fabric ever.

RICCI: That’s what I’m saying!

OTTENBERG: And it has the kilt thing, which is actually really good.

RICCI: You don’t have to wear the attached skirt. Then you could just wear it like this.

MEL OTTENBERG: And loose, so you’re not fucking it up.

CRISTINA RICCI: So beautiful.

MEL OTTENBERG: Yeah, babe. It’s detachable. You’re right.

RICCI: This is a good press junket look.

OTTENBERG: Call your stylist.

RICCI: I’m going to.

OTTENBERG: Immediately.