Weekend News Roundup! You Don’t Have to Watch Dynasty to Have an Attitude


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

•  Prince is on Twitter and we like it. On Friday night he shared this gem of a photo featuring David Chappelle dressed as the purple Prince. Not quite as great as his promo photos for Controversy, but still pretty great. [Twitter]

•  Lady Gaga accused former frenemy Perez Hilton of stalking her; Hilton accused Lady Gaga’s fans of threatening to kill him. The ugly breakup begins. [THR]

•  Conspiracy theorists pat themselves on the back as Scotland Yard investigates the death of Princess Diana…again. [The Telegraph]

•  The film formerly known as The Butler raked in a respectable $25 million taking the top box office spot. Other new films included Kick-Ass 2, which came in fourth with $13.5 million, and Jobs, which came in seventh with $6.7 million. No one saw Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman’s new film, Paranoia, which opened with a miniscule $3.5 million. [BOM]

•  Coincidentally, the studio that produced Paranoia is “replacing” its head of marketing. [THR]

•  Lindsay Lohan admitted to having done cocaine during her interview with Oprah. But don’t worry: she only snorted it 14 or 15 times and didn’t enjoy it at all. [The Daily Mail]

•  And to end on an upsetting note, the lead singer of The Calling, Alex Band, was abducted, brutally assaulted, and dumped on train tracks in Michigan at 4am last night. No news on whether his condition is stable. [TMZ]