Weekend News Roundup! SAG Awards; No Destiny’s Child Reunion


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

Last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards saw more wins for a bunch of the same old people: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln, Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables, Claire Danes for Homeland, Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, etc. There were a few nice surprises, too: Downton Abbey and Argo won ensemble awards, and both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin won for 30 Rock. (Some justice!) [SAG]

• Aw, nuts. Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams, not Blue Valentine Michelle Williams) is quashing rumors that Destiny’s Child is going to reunite to perform at the bumpin’ bumpin’ Super Bowl. It’s just going to be Beyoncé up there, lip-synching all alone. [People]

• A fire at a Brazilian nightclub this weekend killed a staggering 233 people. Pyrotechnics displays used during one band’s set are currently suspected as the fire’s cause, and three people have been arrested. [USAT]

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters won the weekend box office with $19M—it is very much still January! Mama, Silver Linings Playbook, and Zero Dark Thirty held on with $12.9M, $10M, and $9.8M; and Parker opened in fifth with $7M. [BOM]

• Would you like to hear a riddle? It’s a very easy one. Frank Ocean and Chris Brown get into a fight over a parking space; which one is the best and which one is the worst? [DB]

• Daft Punk has switched over from old label EMI, signing to Columbia Records; that means, for the first time in seven years, a proper new Daft Punk album’s on the way! [THR]

• Betsey Johnson, you wonderful old weirdo. Most people, after making a prominent public announcement that they would not be having a Fashion Week show, would then go on to not have Fashion Week show. Not so for Johnson, who’s changed her mind and is showing February 11 at 5 pm. [WWD]