Weekend News Roundup! Cannes, Nelly, and Todd Rundgren

Happy Tuesday. Here’s our compendium of pop culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the long weekend.  

• The Cannes Film Festival finished with its awards ceremony. In the official competition, The Square won the Palm d’Or, Loveless won the Jury Prize, and there was a tie between The Killing of a Sacred Deer and You Were Never Really Here for Best Screenplay. Acting prizes went to Joaquin Phoenix (who had to ask his girlfriend, Rooney Mara, if he needed to go up on stage), Diane Kruger, and Nicole Kidman, who won the 70th Anniversary Award. Sophia Coppola picked up Best Director for The Beguiled. [Variety]

• Tiger Woods got arrested for a DUI. ESPN photoshopped his mugshot to make him look less disheveled. [The Daily Mail]

• Gregg Allman passed away. He was 69. [NPR]

• Pirates of the Carribean won the box office, so get ready for another one of those in 18 to 36 months. [BOM]

• Frank Ocean doesn’t appreciate Forever 21’s choice in font. [Pitchfork]

• Nelly would like you to know that didn’t mind Trump as a reality star, but he does not approve of Trump’s presidency and no longer stays in Trump hotels. [P6]

• And in other Trump-related news: Todd Rundgren went on Fox News to premiere his music video for “Tin Foil Hat.” Unsurprisingly, the president and members of his cabinet are not portrayed positively. [Pitchfork]