Weekend News Roundup! What’s a Space Jump?


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

• Our cover boy Brad Pitt tried on a whole bunch of different personae for his Interview shoot with Steven Klein, but one that we decided to leave out was “women’s fragrance spokesmodel.” (Sometimes the budget just doesn’t stretch far enough.) Thankfully, Chanel picked up where we left off, with this new No. 5 ad directed by Joe Wright. [People]

• We’re guessing when you woke up and checked Twitter around noon on Sunday, everybody was all aflutter over something called the “space jump” and your response was to ignore them and go to brunch. In case you’re still in the dark, an Austrian daredevil named Felix Baumgartner skydove from a balloon at the edge of space (about 23 miles above the Earth’s surface) and became the first free-falling human to break the sound barrier. He landed safely around 2:15 pm, right around when you finished your huevos rancheros. [Forbes]

• Imagine, if you will, a hipster laboring over a joke that starts, “So Sky Ferreira, Genesis P-Orridge, Damien Echols, and DIIV’s Colby Hewitt walk onto the set of a short film…” The punchline is that it’s real!  [Pitchfork]

Taken 2 held onto its lead at the weekend box office, with $22.5M, followed closely by Argo with $20.1M and Sinister with $18.3M. Hotel Transylvania came in fourth at $17.3M, and Here Comes the Boom finished out the weekend box office, opening with $12M it very likely didn’t deserve. [BOM]

• Three cheers for Nordstrom, which issued a letter in support of same-sex marriage to its 56,000 employees last week. [AP]

• See if you can spot the guy who looks a little out of place in this photo of a kickball team. [Vulture/NYM]