ViewGuy Derek Chadwick hates hot coffee but loves how we parted his hair

The Los Angeles–based model, actor, and emerging musician has 303,000 Instagram followers and counting. He celebrated his 23rd birthday the day before this photograph was taken. Here,  five other things about our September ViewGuy that you should know. 


1. “I’ve never had my hair parted this way. I love it.”

2. “I like to wear denim shorts a lot—light denim, black denim. For a while, people were really put off by them, but now they’re back. I don’t want to say it was because of me, but I think I had an influence.” 

3. “The best birthday present I got this year was a longboard with light-up wheels. We’re not quite there yet with the longboarding skills, but we’re getting better.”

4. “I used to work out so much when I was in college, but now I mainly just try to do sprints and stuff. I’ve built up good muscle memory from playing sports, so now I can get away with not lifting as much as I used to.”

5. “I love seeing the creative comments that people come up with on Instagram. They’ll draw photos, they’ll send me things. That’s why I try to answer back as much as I can.Showing people that I’m reading creates a really strong bond.”


Hair: Marki Shkreli at Bryant Artists
Makeup: Seong Hee Park at Julian Watson Agency
Production: Joey Kuskin at TotalWorld
Photography Assistant: Evan Browning
Fashion Assistants: Malaika Crawford and Vesper Wolfe