The Interview Editors Reveal Their Halloween Plans

Matt Hitt as Andy Warhol at the Misshapes Halloween Party last year.

William Shakespeare once said, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”—which is probably better used to describe New York City on Halloween night. The city will be alive tonight with sinners hopping between every bar and club in the five boroughs, struggling to keep their costume makeup from smearing. After all, what’s another Friday morning hungover at work? Whether it’s PG fun at the Village Halloween Parade or dancing into the wee hours at the McKittrick Hotel—or simply re-watching Elvira: Mistress of the Dark for the hundredth time—there are a million ways to celebrate. So here are just a few ways our editors are commemorating the last day of spooky season.



Market Assistant

“I’m going as Ramona from Hustlers. My friend is hosting a costume party at Chloe 81 in LES. Halloween is never overrated!”



Managing Editor (and triple Scorpio)

“I absolutely hate Halloween. Hate it. Like, hate…it. I think I also still have residual trauma from living in the U.K. where they use the term “fancy dress” instead of costumes. How lame is that? No thanks. I’ll pass.”



Art Director

“Originally I was going to be the Sleepy Time Tea bear (from the box) but it really didn’t work out. The concept was good, but it didn’t look as good on a human as it did an anthropomorphized bear. Then I was going to be a Toilet Paper Mummy. Now I think I’m getting sick and probably going to lose my voice by tomorrow. This is a pretty classic trajectory for me. Overall, I am generally very pro-Halloween and anti-my-ability-to-make-it-happen-on-Halloween.”



Editor In Chief

“I was asked to host a party, but I’m still mulling it over. If there’s a god, she’ll let me stay home, order pizza, and watch a movie—preferably from the ’90s and preferably starring Thora Birch or Fairuza Balk.”



Digital Editor

“I’ll be bouncing around various sponsored parties in an attempt to maintain my yearlong costume of Cool Editor. I have a Batsheva dress that could either go Prairie Woman, Haunted Doll, or Wednesday Addams. The possibilities!”



Executive Editor

“Tonight I’m going to the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, which used to be a Depression-era movie palace, to see Jonsi and Alex Somers perform a live version of their 2009 ambient album Riceboy Sleeps. I had never heard the album before, but Jonsi is the singer for Sigur Ros and they’re a band I like. I also weirdly saw Sigur Ros play live on Halloween in Montreal, back in 2002. The publicist who invited me to the show called it ‘life-affirming.’ We’ll see.”



Editorial Assistant

“Although I already got my Halloween on last weekend, tonight I will be making various stops around the city. As for my costume? 2019 is all about saving the Earth, so I am 100% repeating my ‘No Angel’ costume from last week. At some point, I’m supposed to meet some of the Real Housewives of New York, which might get real spooky. Who knows, I might even land a cameo in the upcoming season. Stay tuned.”




“To be honest, Halloween exists at the crossroads of two of my least favorite pastimes: going to parties (especially ones full of strangers), and being in costume in public.”



Digital Editorial Assistant

“I’m dressing up as Blanche Hudson and my brother is dressing up as Baby Jane from What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? so that should tell you a lot about our interest in Halloween—primarily as a means of dressing up as deranged women. I think the best Halloween event is the parade up 6th Ave. Everyone is in outrageous costumes; there’s lights, floats, and spooky delights as far as the eye can see.”



Director of Integrated Marketing

“No plans — just another Thursday.”


Director of Brand Partnerships

“No big plans this year, Halloween creeped up on me. But, on Saturday, I will be doing something I haven’t done in years (probably since I was a teenager) and going to a haunted house here in the city. Wish me luck!”



Associate Manager of Brand Marketing and Partnerships

“This Halloween, I plan on revisiting my favorite spooky traditions: staring at my pores in a magnifying mirror, and rewatching my favorite horror film—the ‘Scary Island’ episode from the third season of Real Housewives of New York City.”