The Boulet Brothers Spill Their Guts on Everything Scary, from Fake Blood to Jeffrey Toobin

Photo Courtesy The Boulet Brothers.


“Hello uglies!” That’s how the revolutionary spooky queens Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet, also known as The Boulet Brothers, welcome all their monsters in the drag competition series Dragula. The show, hosted by the Boulets, is an electrifying, shady, and in-your-face homage to the art of drag, a “fuck you” to the commodification of queer culture in the mainstream, and a reality show in search for the Next Drag Supermonster. Now, after three seasons of filth, horror, and glamour, the Boulet Brothers are gearing up for their goriest season yet. For starters, they released The Boulet Brothers: Dragula Resurrection on Shudder, a two-hour film—part horror movie diary, part documentary, and part competition—where past monsters fought to death, quite literally, for a spot in the upcoming fourth season. The season three winner, Saint, beat out Frankie Doom, Loris, Kendra Onixxx, Dahli, Victoria Elizabeth Black, and Priscilla Chambers through a series of challenges and a sickening, terrifying lip-sync performance to the spooky rave beats of Kim Petras.

The spookiest man-eating witches since the Sanderson Sisters are getting ready to cast their season four monsters of Dragula; ghouls, queens, and monsters, gird your loins. Interview called up the Boulet Brothers on the premiere day of Resurrection to seek their gut-wrenching opinions on a few spine-chilling topics chosen at semi-random. In the words of Swanthula, “I want to welcome you to the dark side.”



SWANTHULA: Absolutely. 

DRACMORDA:  Mascs for masks all day. 



SWANTHULA: Hopeful, but scared. She’s carrying a lot of weight, and that’s a skinny girl. I don’t know if she can do it.

DRACMORDA: Hate it. My reaction to her is like Meryl Streep’s reaction to her in Devil Wears Prada. I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder. Beat it.



DRACMORDA: The sluttier, the better.



SWANTHULA: Outdoor drag events are definitely a double-edged sword. Us hosting the Queen Mary was amazing, but we also hosted Austin Pride last year. Austin Pride was outdoors during the day in Texas, 104 degrees in drag. Not cute.

DRACMORDA: We’ve hosted some outdoor drag. We’ve done big Halloween haunts. We’ll be up in towers, talking over the crowd and stuff. It’s really fun. That’s part of drag. That’s why, on our show, we make them compete in the desert. You’re going to get hired to do it, so you might as well get used to it now.



SWANTHULA: As far as the news, I only look to the voices that I want to hear. If anyone with the name Trump comes out, I’m like, “Mute, erase, delete, avoid.”

DRACMORDA: Question mark, pass.



SWANTHULA: I appreciate it. I think what they do can be just as deadly as any monster queen is. It has its own challenges. We celebrate it.

DRACMORDA: Pageant queens are fierce. True pageant queens are more vicious than anyone on Dragula, and I live for it. I love a killer beauty queen. We performed with some in Texas before, and they were telling us stories, how they would crush up glass and put it in each other’s setting powder. I’m like, “Y’all need to apply for Dragula.” I hope one day we can cast a fierce killer beauty queen like Debbie from The Addams Family.



SWANTHULA: I picture her face, and it makes me nervous. It brings me back to a place where I was scared as a little kid. 

DRACMORDA: Horror icon.



SWANTHULA: Find another way. You can figure it out for a short while. Don’t be a fucking idiot.

DRACMORDA: I think you maybe should not do that. It’s not such a good idea. I’m never one to suppress people’s sexuality. There’s no slut-shaming in this house. Get it while you’re young, have fun, while you’re old. But it’s probably not safe right now.



DRACMORDA: Love it. Actually, that’s a lie. Because, I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing I hate worse than when we get booked somewhere, and everyone’s like, “We must have fake blood in all of our shows.” I’m like, “If I have to walk on the stage with these fucking expensive ass gowns dragging in your blood, I’m going to wring your neck when I get off of it.”

SWANTHULA: It’s kind of annoying, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes.



DRACMORDA: I think they need to be expressive. Don’t follow what someone else does. Think about someone like Disasterina, who’s just off on their own complete trip, or Christeene, or Dina Martina. Think of crazy shit that no one’s done before. You don’t have to do a little nose contour, and eyeliner line, and all this shit. Just do you, be crazy, and be a monster.



SWANTHULA: Was it hot?

DRACMORDA: If you know who Jeffrey Toobin is, which I do, you wouldn’t even ask that question. I wish it was that one dude on CNN all the white ladies get off to.

SWANTHULA: Chris Cuomo?

DRACMORDA: Totally, or imagine Anderson Cooper. What if it was Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo? That’s what I want to see.



SWANTHULA: Do something with the people you’re quarantining with. Do something with yourself in real life. Get creative. Don’t go to Zoom.

DRACMORDA: I’m over it. Just turn off the lights and carve a pumpkin.