Evan Mock Shares His Favorite Family Recipe

Photographed on FaceTime in Ohau, Hawaii by Quil Lemons. Styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Evan Mock has never been afraid of the unknown. His evolution from skater it boy to superstar, or “the pink-haired skater star hyped by Frank Ocean,” as he was touted by the New York Times, is a testament to his ability to keep doors open and try new things, whether it’s modeling or acting in the upcoming HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the 23-year-old has good looks to spare and an unequivocal trendsetting sense of personal style. Though acting wasn’t something he was pursuing adamantly, he took on the challenge when the role of Akeno “Aki” Menzies in Gossip Girl came his way. “It’s something new I can put all my energy into and make it the best it can be,” Mock says of his acting debut. As his career exploded, Mock was chosen as one of the culture disruptors featured in Converse’s latest Spring-Summer ’21 campaign. The brand selected a group of creatives “breaking down barriers” across all disciplines to breathe new life into some of the brand’s most classic shapes. Featured in the campaign alongside Mock are photographer Quil Lemons, stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, designer and sustainability advocate Nicole McLaughlin, and musician The Hxliday. “Working with friends is usually a great time, so when I heard Quil was the photographer I was hyped,” Mock told Interview. “Gabriella made everything easy and let me bring my personal style to the shoot.” From his home in Hawaii, Mock shared with us his recipe for Banana Lumpia, a “favorite delicious dessert” passed down through generations in his family. As Mock says, “it makes people who don’t usually cook look like a boss.” Take it from the pro.



Evan’s Banana Lumpia Recipe 

Ingredients: Ripe apple bananas [quartered lengthwise], lumpia wrappers [thawed and separated], shaker with sugar and cinnamon mixed well, and brown sugar and honey for the glaze.

Tools: A frying pan. < 1/2” vegetable or coconut oil, a saucepan, and a pastry brush.

Step 1: In a separate pot, add honey and brown sugar together. 

Step 2: Place the lumpia wrapper down like a baseball diamond. 

Step 3: Sprinkle the sugar-cinnamon mix onto a third of the wrapper closest to you. 

Step 4: Place a quartered banana on the sugared wrapper and sprinkle more sugar-cinnamon mix on the banana. 

Step 5: Roll the wrapper up in the direction away from you and place it on a tray end down. 

Step 6: Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the rolls until golden brown. 

 Step 7:  Don’t crowd the pan. Then flip. 

 Step 8: Drain rolls standing on end in a colander, layered with paper towels for a minute. 

 Step 9: For the glaze, mix brown sugar and honey in the pan on medium-low until melted or desired consistency.

 Step 10: Place the warm lumpia onto a platter and brush on honey glaze using a pastry brush. 

 Step 11: Serve immediately!