Sentimental Journey

Tim Barber’s new monograph, out this month from OHWOW publishing, is purposely not self-titled. Despite the 32-year-old photographer’s name sitting front-and-center on the cover, the proper title of the book is actually Untitled Photographs. It’s a collection of emotive and personal images that Barber shot over the past 15 years while living in places like Vancouver and New York, includes photographs of friends road-tripping, early morning smokes, and aubergine sky summers. Barber might be best known as a curator more than as a lensman: Since 2005, he has overseen Tiny Vices, his online gallery-slash-web site, and has organized an ongoing related series of massively ambitious exhibitions on three continents. But now Barber is letting his own work reveal the reaches of his artistic maturation. “I think the easiest comparison would be to say this book is like a book of poems I’ve been writing for the last 15 years or so,” Barber explains. “There are definitely hills and valleys, but I hope that generally the tone holds it all together.”