Ken Miller

Palais du Tokyo’s White Cube Goes Black

October 4, 2012

Over the past few years, the London-based curator and writer Francesca Gavin has organized exhibitions inspired by psychedelics, rave culture, and, now, black light fluorescent poster art. The root influence is obvious. “A lot of it has to come down to a fascination with my childhood,” she says. But “Dark Cube,” her exhibition opening Oct. 7 at the Palais du Tokyo in Paris came out of a different utopian experiment that was rather more Bertolt Brecht than Jerry Garcia.

Timothy Hull’s Brooklyn is in Ruins

August 10, 2012

August is generally the month New Yorkers think about escaping the city to some exotic locale. But what if it turned out that an exotic ruin had appeared along a rugged stretch of downtown Brooklyn real estate? Commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Accelerated Ruin is a monumental sculpture by New York artist Timothy Hull.

Julia Chiang Makes Subtle Challenges

April 2, 2012

Julia Chiang’s latest exhibition opens today at the Paris boutique Colette [through May 5]. At first glance, Chiang’s delicate porcelain sculptures and vivid text pieces fit naturally amidst the store’s clean, bright retail environment. The objects reference decorative art and traditional handicrafts, while the words on the walls could easily be slogans from some ad campaign.

Tim Barber Shares His World

February 2, 2012

Tim Barber’s recent book of photographs isn’t self-titled. It’s just called Untitled Photographs. Published with OHWOW, the monograph originated with an 2010 exhibition of Barber’s work at the OHWOW gallery in Miami, and this week, Barber is launching the book in Europe with a presentation at London gallery Mother.

Balaram Stack

October 23, 2011

In the ’80s cult film North Shore (1987), a young surfer moves from a wave pool in Arizona to become a hero in the big breaks of Hawaii. Long Island–bred surfer Balaram Stack is admittedly more South Shore than North Shore, having grown up riding wintry breaks off of Long Beach. But despite now ranking as one of the world’s most prominent up-and-coming pro surfers and having spent the last couple of years catching barrels everywhere from Redondo Beach to Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, he’s still a homer. “It’s pretty cool to see how people react when I say I grew up surfing Long Island,” Stack says. “People don’t realize how good it is.”

Cinema of Excess: Alex Stapleton on Roger Corman’s Remarkable Career

October 14, 2011

Five years ago, Alex Stapleton decided to fly to Los Angeles, on a whim, to interview the low-budget movie producer Roger Corman. The man she met was surprisingly mild-mannered.

Sentimental Journey

September 25, 2011

Tim Barber’s new monograph, out this month from OHWOW publishing, is purposely not self-titled.

Andrew Levitas

March 23, 2011

Artist Andrew Levitas blurs genres in his hybrid photo-paintings

Scott Campbell

February 21, 2011

Should getting a tattoo be any less chic than buying a well-tailored suit or a custom-made gown? Of course not. After all, you can always return the suit. At least that’s how New Orleans-bred,Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Scott Campbell sees it.

Kevin Baker

July 7, 2009

Kevin Baker isn’t following the typical young New York artist career trajectory. Instead of clubbing, he’s gardening. And his subject isn’t alienation, it’s beauty.


April 27, 2009

Juun.J is creating the most coveted menswear of the moment. You could call it militant-macho-origami-unisex futurism. Or just plain cool.