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Meet Cringe Connoisseur Leia Jospé and Her Shirtless Soft Boys

All photos courtesy of Leia Jospé.

After a brief hiatus, @favetiktoks420 is back on Instagram. The account, curated by the New York-based videographer and photographer Leia Jospé, mines the depths of TikTok for the cringiest content that Gen Z has to offer, showcasing the results to the dismay and delight of its 42K followers. Jospé, who moonlights as the videographer for the aggressively earnest comedy docuseries How To With John Wilson, is an expert in eliciting that skin-crawling, secondhand shame sensation. And when it comes to TikToks, she has a clear set of criteria for the videos she posts: “Shirt? Off. Tongue? Out. Earring? Dangling. Dancing? Terrible.” Add to that some unrelenting male eye contact, and you’ve got a winning combination. To learn more about the connoisseur of cringe, we slid into the DMs for a chat and some exclusive TikToks—including one of Jospé herself in full eboy regalia.


@interview_magazineMeet @layajospe and her soft bois ♡♬ original sound – Interview Magazine



INTERVIEW: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Either go back to bed, or check my phone and then go back to bed lol

INTERVIEW: What were your last three google searches?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Let me see…I’m afraid lol


FAVETIKTOKS420: Lmao (I have a stye and got grease on my favorite sweatshirt). Killing it.

INTERVIEW: Favorite meme format?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Rage comics.

FAVETIKTOKS420: Not this one specifically but…they’re pure

INTERVIEW: Favorite TikTok rabbit hole?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Oh god…ok well the first one I ever fell in was about reborn baby dolls and the people that oen them, I usually get really deep into different kink TikToks just because it’s interesting to see what people will put online, on an app for children. I get lost in that, and then come out feeling demented usually lol

INTERVIEW: What is a reborn baby doll?

FAVETIKTOKS420: A lifelike rubber baby doll. Scary. Also kind of depressing…

INTERVIEW: What’s your stalking platform of choice?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Instagram for sure.


FAVETIKTOKS420: It’s easy to find stuff visually for me, if I really want to know if someone is like…for example, dating someone else, or some other pointless info, I can usually tell if I spend some time looking through visual clues…Venmo is also good for that. People forget about Venmo.

INTERVIEW: Describe your private browsing persona in three words.

FAVETIKTOKS420: Ditzy, words, scary. Aka I can’t spell/have no vocab lol

INTERVIEW: Print or digital?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Digital. That’s just how I was raised!

INTERVIEW: How many unread text messages do you have?

FAVETIKTOKS420: 175. Wish they had an unread filter on iMessage

INTERVIEW: Genius. What was your AIM screen name?

FAVETIKTOKS420: I would change my SN every week in middle school—”hey it’s Leia new SN” – from flamenoirxXx. Dogleia was another good one.

INTERVIEW: What’s a website everyone should know about.


INTERVIEW: An account everyone should follow?

FAVETIKTOKS420: I’ll say three. @tom_tuna_tossed_salad, @niggaferlopez_5, @catatonicyouths

INTERVIEW: Where do you spend the most time online?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Unfortunately probably Twitter. Maybe TikTok though actually.

INTERVIEW: Describe your most incriminating email/text.

FAVETIKTOKS420: Oh god if I did that I would probs go to jail and THATS why I use encrypted texting apps (I hope those work lol)

INTERVIEW: If you could spend the day with one TikTokker who would it be?

FAVETIKTOKS420: The elevator boys—they seem really nice/wholesome…and they are hot.

INTERVIEW: Strangest fan DM you’ve ever received?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Lmao wait this was so easy I found a bunch of weird ones but this one is the strangest.

FAVETIKTOKS420: LEIA MEAT…like bro what. 

INTERVIEW: Love. What does your TikTok For You page look like?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Omg lmao it’s literally like all shirtless dudes eye fucking their camera or like, literally fucking their camera. And big trucks? For some reason?

INTERVIEW: Has a TikTok ever brought you to tears?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Yep—from laughter, from shock and from sadness lol

INTERVIEW: Which world leader’s TikTok account would you most like to see?

FAVETIKTOKS420: The president of Turkmenistan. I remember reading on the wiki that he is also a DJ

INTERVIEW: What makes a perfect TikTok?

FAVETIKTOKS420: Shirt? Off. Tongue? Out. Earring? Dangling. Dancing? Terrible.


FAVETIKTOKS420: Me? Dying.

INTERVIEW: What’s your password?

FAVETIKTOKS420: “Hotkid.”


@seth.shyrock #pov you’re not okay.. #fyp ♬ All Time Low original by weasleyyvfx – Natalie✰ఌ

@daniele.spezz Che ne pensate?? Supportate🖤🖤 #perte #neiperte #foryou ♬ Poker face edited by me – Bailey

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