Meet Rachel Coster, the TikToker Exposing Your Man’s Disgusting Room

Rachel Coster Adam Faze

It’s happened to the best of us. Whether it be a new lover, brother, friend, or questionable hook-up, most women have had the mind-bending experience of stumbling into a boy’s room and wondering why it looks like they’re harvesting organs in there. Reckoning with vandalized walls, tangled hair, disturbing political memorabilia, or discarded food that’s living (and multiplying) under the bed, our lives flash before our eyes; for a moment, it seems impossible we could be of the same species. One Brooklyn comedian thinks its time for an intervention. Enter Rachel Coster, the host of Gymnasium‘s viral TikTok show Boy Room, who’s embarked on a brave investigative journey into the domiciles of New York City 20-somethings. Luckily for all of us, she’s also giving them suggestions for how to make their rooms a bit more hospitable. In this week’s Search History, we slide into her DM’s to ask about her scariest experiences on the show. In the process, we learned about Coster’s own room (and why Vincent Gallo’s semen is apparently for sale).



RACHEL COSTER: 45, I just look AMAZING/Girl/Brooklyn. Sorry, 28.

SANDSTROM: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

COSTER: First, I look at whatever disgusting chihuahua gagging on its own boogers you sent me on Instagram and then I roll out of George Clooney’s bed and take a limousine home 💅 And then I stretch. Crucial at my age.

SANDSTROM: Okay, that’s good. What were your last three Google searches?


Rachel Coster

SANDSTROM: What the fuck is “Roddy rich girl in fur box cringe?”

COSTER: It was that girl who does crafts and she did a like, respectfully, completely humiliating acapella cover of the song in a fur box she built in her closet during pandemic and it was stuck in my head so I wanted to see her other videos and decide if I should cyber bully.

SANDSTROM: Oh, okay… Are you going to cyber bully her?

COSTER: No, I’m like 2 weeks clean don’t want to break my streak 💅 (politicians don’t count).

SANDSTROM: Which politician’s room do you want to makeover the most?

COSTER: I don’t wanna go near those freaks but I would go to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s room to steal some kettlebells.

SANDSTROM: Pick a boy whose room you’d most like to make over.

COSTER: My amazing ex boyfriend Skrillex (whom I canonically have dated don’t fact check) has been begging me to come over and take my stuff back so I would prob give him some suggestions while I’m there. 🤩💕

SANDSTROM: What’s the worst room you’ve seen so far?

COSTER: Not one we did on the show but once my extremely generous friend let me stay in his roommate’s terrifying room and it legit made my blood go cold as ice and my skin pale as a ghost when I stepped in. It was terrifying. He had paintings of war all over, a huge box of magnums on his bedside table, $7,000 in cash in a drawer, and I kept finding empty whip-it canisters in the bed.

SANDSTROM: Did you take any of the money?

COSTER: If you were in my position and you saw what I saw and knew what I knew you would too.

SANDSTROM: Describe your private browsing persona in three words.

COSTER: Idk how to answer this but all I look up on private is flights cuz I hear they track what you’re looking for and make it more expensive. And porn cuz I hear they track what you’re looking for and make it more expensive.

SANDSTROM: Send a pic of yourself right now.

Rachel Coster

SANDSTROM: What does your TikTok FYP look like?

COSTER: I never go on there because when I do it’s like eating disorder meals, Christian teenage boys who are like “bro you don’t need her, what you need is to hit these key muscle groups,” and children with really challenging health conditions.

SANDSTROM: Use three words to describe how a boy’s rooms smells?

COSTER: Sneakers, sweat, discarded Zyns.

SANDSTROM: Can you describe the worst room of a guy you hooked up with?

COSTER: Used (not with me) condoms on the media console, cardboard box bed side table, some other girls really long brown hair all over the pillows, huge piles of dirty clothing, kinda classic. I wilfully ignored his political affiliation until I couldn’t anymore but I was also 18 and learning self respect and integrity is a lifelong journey.

SANDSTROM: Knowing you I imagine this will be an extremely difficult question to answer, but choose one: money or clout.

COSTER: I think you underestimate my desire to have a lot of money so I can build community spaces and fund the arts and tip every barista 40%. But also, I do want to be sent free makeup because brands think I have swag.

SANDSTROM: What’s the most disgusting thing about your room?

COSTER: Honestly, my room is nice minus the big pile of laundry. The most disgusting thing in it is probably the thoughts written in my diary about what I want to do with Jack Black.

SANDSTROM: Strangest DM you’ve received?


Rachel Coster
SANDSTROM: Jesus. Which male celebrity who you think would have the nastiest room?

COSTER: Who’s that guy from Buffalo ’66 who u can buy his cum?

SANDSTROM: Vincent Gallo.


SANDSTROM: Last three online purchases?

COSTER: Monty python VHS, star hair clips, Vincent Gallo’s cum.

SANDSTROM: Where did you get the idea for the show?

COSTER: My favorite thing about dating was getting to see how thousands of boys live 💅 Also I have had so many guy friends (I have s00000 many guy friends cuz unlike some people I’m chill) be like, “why r girls so scared of my room?” So l cracked my knuckles and thought of this idea.