Put it on DVD Already: Making of a Male Model


Sex, drugs and hairy chests, these are a few of our favorite things. They must have also been for mastermind producer Aaron Spelling and editor Dick Darling (seriously), otherwise they never would have brought us the overlooked but not-forgotten 1983 gem Making of a Male Model. The made-for-TV flick (luckily available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure) follows Tyler (Jon-Erik Hexum, who, incidentally, died tragically of a firearms accident on the set of another show), a Nevada ranch hand discovered by a powerful modeling agent Kay (Joan Collins, in all her glory,before she was revived yet again by Alexis Bittar). He comes to New York, moves in with another male model (albeit a marvelously jaded one with a substance-abuse problem), and begins a relationship with Kay. As Tyler’s career escalates from a midnight cowboy to super-stardom, Kay ends the affair and he falls into his own downward spiral of drugs and hook-ups.

Fortunately, the wardrobe inspiration from the film also knows no bounds. If you’re feeling Tyler’s western look, we suggest a simple but does-the-job J.Crew chambray shirt.  If you want a handsome dose of his early ‘80s style, we’d go straight for the Armani. If you happen to be the hot male model of the moment as well (Lyle Lodwick) you can go for the burly fur statement coat. For all the working ladies out there looking to imitate Joan Collin’s power look, we recommend an oversize piece of Timo Weiland neckwear. As Tyler’s tragic roommate says, “It’s a strange apple, this Big Apple,” and we’re happy this film let’s us take a big juicy bite out of it.