Iggy Azalea Wants to Fill Your Coffers With Her Mother Coin

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, photographed by Joshua Farias.

Iggy Azalea has 99 problems, but cryptocurrency ain’t one. Last month, the rapper-turned-memecoin mogul launched $MOTHER, a Solana token that’s quickly proving to be a runaway success. Compared to other celebrity memecoins, the market around MOTHER continues to surge. Case in point: just over a week after launching, MOTHER token has reached a market cap of $240 million as Azalea leverages her considerable fanbase to spread the word. Naturally, we wanted to find out more. So on this week’s Search History, we slid into her DMs to crack the crypto code and ended up yapping about home yoga, Telegram, and the makers of the MOTHER memes.—EMMA STOUT


RIBEIRO: GOOD MORNING IGGY ❤️ Ready to take our Search History questionnaire?

AZALEA: Hey guys 🫶 Sure.

RIBEIRO: Great! A/S/L?

AZALEA: Iggy/F/Miami.

RIBEIRO: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

AZALEA: My son wakes me up at 8am every morning saying goodbye for school then I go on my telegram for $MOTHER and say good morning to everyone and look at the trade charts.

RIBEIRO: Love that. What’s the vibe in the telegram chat for $MOTHER?

Iggy Azalea

AZALEA: Chaotic, funny vibes for sure. Everyone’s really nice.

RIBEIRO: Period. $MOTHER is $MOTHERing. What were your last three Google searches?

AZALEA: Haha exactly! Hmmm let me look. Mudslide, Dallas car dealerships & how much are home yoga classes (lol)

RIBEIRO: Home yoga is chic. Do you have a favorite meme format?

AZALEA: I don’t really understand what you’re asking tbh. I don’t make memes myself. I get other ppl in my chat to do it.

RIBEIRO: No worries. Can I see some of the memes your chat has made?


Iggy Azalea

RIBEIRO: WOW. They are killing it.

AZALEA: For sure! It’s a very based chat. Lmao

RIBEIRO: We love a based community. How many unread DMs do you have?

AZALEA: None on here, because I don’t really message people on this app. On Telegram: 4,452.

RIBEIRO: Tea. Can you describe your private browsing persona in three words?

AZALEA: I don’t really use private browsing cause it’s for pussies but I think the things I do browse are a mix of nature girl, degen & fashionista hahaha.

RIBEIRO: Truee. Is there a celebrity finsta you’d like to follow?

AZALEA: No, def not.

RIBEIRO: Where do you spend most of your time online?

AZALEA: Telegram by far. 80% I’d say.

RIBEIRO: How did you begin your journey into cryptocurrency ?

AZALEA: My brother is who really got me into it. He’s always telling me funny stuff in the news, movies he likes etc. And that’s just one of the things he talks to me about.

RIBEIRO: Do you have any recommendations/best practices for someone just starting out in the crypto space?

AZALEA: Find a project that fits/interests you. Go make friends, everyone will welcome you. And ask them for help. There’s no need to be confused or even Googling. The community will welcome you and not judge if you need help.

RIBEIRO: Noted! What’s an account that everyone should follow online?

AZALEA: @Motherprovides on Twitter. Everyone thinks I run it but I don’t lol. It’s ran by the mother community & it’s funny af.

RIBEIRO: Loving that username. Can you tell me about a particularly strange DM you’ve received?

AZALEA: I get 1000000s of weird ones every day tbh, but they stay in my requests folder. Lol. Usually just guys saying weird stuff about wanting to worship me or wanting to see my feet lmao. I do not engage! Haha

RIBEIRO: Read receipts: on or off?

AZALEA: Off. It’s polite. 

RIBEIRO: It IS polite! Let’s give everybody a little grace. Sometimes you aren’t ready to respond to something the second you receive it.

AZALEA: Exactly!

RIBEIRO: If you could spend the day with one influencer, who would it be?

AZALEA: I don’t know, honestly. I’m not really falling over myself to hangout with strangers. I like to stay at home and mind my business.

RIBEIRO: What’s your TikTok FYP look like?

AZALEA: I don’t use TikTok. My team is in control of mine. It’s just not for me. With love!

RIBEIRO: With love!

AZALEA: Respectfully. It’s cool, just not my thing.

RIBEIRO: Ok, two more: do you have an internet stalking platform of choice?

AZALEA: The app I browse on most is probably Instagram. I like looking at pictures sometimes and prefer images to hearing ppl’s takes on stuff. It’s a good app for inspiration.

RIBEIRO: Period. And finally… what’s your password 😉

AZALEA: Even I don’t know that! Hahaha. It’s like lapalqlapxkanwks type vibes…

RIBEIRO: Iggy, thank you so much. I’ll get off of here and start putting $MOTHER into my portfolio. Have a good rest of ur day ❤️

AZALEA: Haha see you in the chat? Come hang! We don’t bite! 🍑🫶🤍✨😇