@JustJared Shows Us How to Dominate a Red Carpet

Photo courtesy of @Justjared.

This is SEARCH HISTORY, your deep dive into the online habits of our favorite creatures of the internet. From preferred stalking platforms and private browsing habits to the social accounts we should all know about, we slide into the DMs and ask all your burning questions.

Everyone knows @Justjared, but the man behind the 1.4 million followers is a bit more elusive. At 40 years old, the entrepreneur and celebrity blogger Jared Eng has built an empire around the art of stargazing and celebrity news—the outfits, the romances, and the drama, of course. Eng is a modern-day paparazzo—but unlike his early aughts predecessors, he’s an insider in his own right. At this year’s Academy Awards, Eng (who moonlights as a stylist) decked out Best Supporting Actor nominee Kodi Smit-McPhee in a custom powder blue Bottega Veneta suit, and he’ll be dressing the producer and frequent Lil Nas X collaborator Nick Lee for this weekend’s Grammy Awards. As we head into another weekend of gaggy red carpet moments, we slid into the gossip guru’s DMs to discuss his favorite celebrity conspiracy theories, his last three google searches, and the best red carpet accounts to follow.



ENG: 40/M/L.A.

INTERVIEW: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

ENG: Drink lemon water, wait 30 minutes, drink celery juice.

INTERVIEW: What were your last three google searches?

ENG: Kodi Smit-McPhee Cartier Oscars Watch, Time in London, and “What does A/S/L mean?” lol.

INTERVIEW: What’s your stalking platform of choice?

ENG: To be a true stalker, you need to use all of the platforms, not just one. I do love a reverse Google image search, but when I’m in need of true stalking, I leave it to the pros. Hire a P.I.!

INTERVIEW: Describe your private browsing persona in 3 words.

ENG: Extensive, Spurts, Spiral.

INTERVIEW: Print or digital?

ENG: Digital a million times over.

INTERVIEW: How many unread text messages do you have?

ENG: Zero always!

INTERVIEW: What was your AIM screen name?

ENG: Bum2gfc.

INTERVIEW: What does your TikTok FYP page look like?

ENG: Shirtless Shawn Mendes moonwalking, cute sculptors molding clay pots, dance tutorials.

INTERVIEW: Choose one: money or clout.

ENG: Clout. You can always make money later!

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite Oscar red carpet moment?

ENG: Kodi Smit-McPhee showing up everybody in a full custom powder blue Bottega Veneta suit and Cartier jewelry.

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite award show to watch?

ENG: The VMAs. There are always so many amazing performances. Can we say Britney Spears VMAs 2000???

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite celebrity conspiracy theory?

ENG: That Beyoncé was not really pregnant when she sat down for that interview and it looked like her baby bump deflated. It’s a classic!

INTERVIEW: What is the best way to watch a red carpet?

ENG: On E! with Zanna Roberts Rossi!

INTERVIEW: What’s a fashion / red carpet IG account everyone should know about?

ENG: @upnextdesigner because they cover all of the best tried and true designers as well as the cool, emerging ones.

INTERVIEW: If you could host a red carpet for any award show, which one would it be?

ENG: The Golden Globes is the most exciting one, because it’s the perfect intersection of music, film, and television.

INTERVIEW: The Grammys are this weekend. What are you most excited about?

ENG: Thrilled to be styling the producer Nick Lee, who’s nominated for his work with Lil Nas X. He’s incredibly talented and the nicest person ever!

INTERVIEW: Strangest DM you’ve received?

ENG: To ask Joey King to show her feet more.

INTERVIEW: Read receipts: on or off?

ENG: Of course off for myself but I LOVE for other people to have them on. It’s so satisfying to know that someone opened up and read your texts.

INTERVIEW: What’s your password?

ENG: The key to my heart.