Glee Does Its Own Lil’ Thing

Glee opened last night in Kurt Hummel’s bedroom, where he and two female friends are dancing along to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”. Kurt, played by a perfectly coifed, cherub-framed Chris Colfer, is delivering one hell of a Beyonce when his gruff, meat-and-potatoes old man barges into the room. Kurt’s dad (Mike O’Malley) wants the music turned down so he can watch “Deadliest Catch,” and Kurt rattles off a list of excuses as to why he’s standing there dancing in a sequined leotard. It’s a sports thing, Kurt and his friends stammer. Conditioning. Kurt has joined the football team. (PHOTO: CHRIS COLFER)

So now Kurt actually has to join the football team. He decides (quite wisely) on the position of kicker and shows up at practice to “audition.” Naturally, the boneheaded jocks mock him immediately, and their laughter increases in fervor when Kurt pops on “Single Ladies” and warms up in a leggy pre-kick routine. He bounces along to Beyonce, turns a heel, and sends the football flying straight through the goal. Bravo. He’s made the team.

Inspired by Kurt, and with eyes on a football scholarship, quarterback Finn convinces Mr. Schuester the only way to turn his losing team around is to teach all the boys to dance. Mr. Schue’s in and Coach is in, so the beefy teens pile into the glee classroom and learn the “Single Ladies” routine, ass-smacking and all, which comes in handy when they’re down by six points in the final seconds of their next game.


Left without another option, Finn makes the call and, moments later, Beyonce blasts through the speakers. Then the boys get down–it isn’t football bravado, it’s dancing for real. The crowd is feeling it, and a member of the other team can’t help but shake a little. It’s pure glee. After thoroughly distracting the enemy tribe, Finn throws a touchdown to tie the score. Then it’s all up to Kurt. “Single Ladies” comes back on, and our little golden-toed Tadzio scores his goal.

Kurt’s father is proud of his son for kicking the winning point of that outrageous game, and he comes into the boy’s room to tell him so. And we’re suddenly confronted with the awkwardness of two people who have very little to say to one another–until Kurt just decides to come out with it. He stutters and stumbles and finally manages a clumsy “I’m gay.” To which Pop responds “I know. I’ve known since you were three. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels.” Pop takes the news well, considering. And it doesn’t mean he loves his son any less.

It’s quite a scene, and in this episode nineteen-year-old Chris Colfer slides into the role created especially for him seamlessly, like a manicured hand in a metallic glove. He’s rapidly proving himself to be Glee‘s breakout star. Yes, in a show all about divas, young Mr. Colfer just may be the Sasha Fiercest of them all.