Extra Extraâ??Sex and the City Try Outs

This afternoon, Chelsea hosted the try-outs to be an extra on the second Sex and the City movie. Bring a type; bring a talent; just stand out. We sent Gigi Rabnett out to survey the crowd. Only the strong survive.

1. RABNETT:  How long have you been waiting in line here today?
VICTORIA: Um, about half an hour or so.
RABNETT: You saw the posting, which was for club goers, socialites, etc. What category does your outfit fit into?
VICTORIA: I’m going for the “urban chic cowboy club goer”

2. RABNETT: How long have you been standing in line?
STEPHANIE: About 45 minutes. Not bad.
RABNETT: What “category” do you think your look fits into?
STEPHANIE: Probably with this outfit, club-goer. Maybe they’ll do like a model thing because I’m thin. But I’m not really dressed like one. I’m kind of dressed like….
RABNETT: If I were to guess, I would say you were a Samantha, am I wrong?
STEPHANIE: I’m actually probably a Carrie. I’m not that… outward, you know? This dress is out of character enough for me!

3. RABNETT: How long have you been in line?
NICKY: Twenty minutes.
RABNETT: And this is the end of the line, that’s nothing!
NICKY: Well we don’t wait in line!  
RABNETT: [LAUGHTER] How long are you guys willing to wait for?
NICKY: Oh… another ten minutes. [LAUGHTER]
DANNY: Yeah and then we’re just barging in after that.
RABNETT: You could probably get away with it. So flashy, so hot, you two.
NICKY: Oh yeah, pump it like a trumpet! Actually my mother texted me and she goes, “They need gays. And club kid gays. You’d be great.”
RABNETT: On the posting they said, “socialites, club goers etc”. What do you guys fit into?
DANNY: Europeans.
RABNETT: I’m going to go for a wild guess here and say… socialites?
NICKY: [PAUSE] Okay. We do club kids too. I mean after 7:30 PM. That’s when happy hour starts.
RABNETT: You really think you would play a good “gay extra”?
NICKY: Oh yeah. We can even speak. We’d do anything! We said we’d do nudity!
RABNETT: You’d do anything?! Would you guys go down on each other?
DANNY: Uh, yeah. If it’s him. [NODS AT NICKY]

4. RABNETT: How long have you been standing here today?
UMO:  As a matter of fact I only got here ten minutes ago.
RABNETT: How did you hear about this today?
UMO:   heard about it this morning from a friend. She got it through her cell phone message.
RABNETT: What role could you play best as a Sex and the City extra, do you think?
UMO: Club goer, maybe even slash gay—although I’m not, for the record.

5. RABNETT: How did you guys decide to put your outfits together this morning? Did you intentionally color coordinate this?
CARRIE: We just like neon I guess!
RABNETT: What role are you looking to fit the part of today?
CARRIE: I don’t know. Asians!

6. RABNETT: What are you wearing? And you were wearing this already?
MICHAELS: This is my brand. Violet Love Legwear and Violet Love head bands. I do headbands and legwear.