More to Lug: Dooney and Bourke for iPad



Last week I, like many of my tech-friendly colleagues, got iPads, which was all well and good and solved the problem of how books and magazines might remain viable and vital in a digital age, but which also created a whole other set of important questions. For example: “What do I carry it in?” I can’t just lug the savior of print media around in some banal canvas tote; it needed a reliquary.  The answer came surprisingly quickly, in the form of Dooney and Bourke’s new chic and waterproof Cabriolet cloth, leather-trimmed, envelope iPad cases, each of which is a Crayola box-worth of fun. I chose tan for an understated summer chic. I can’t wait for my Jitney rides to make the bag a canvas for doodling and customizing, like the trapper-keepers of yore. Who says the iPad isn’t interactive?