Inspiration: The Lightbulb Switches on for Diesel

Ever wonder, aside from the sets of those heaven-and-hell advertisements, what the Diesel lifestyle might look like? Don’t sit in the dark about it anymore. Foscarini’s new lighting line for Diesel, “Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini,” shows you how to live and light successfully. Foscarini, the classic Italian lighting company in Italy, adapted to Diesel’s urban aesthetic with various positive results, and stylish printed lampshades.  The prints run from ironic trompe l’oeil (a light switch printed on a lamp shade) to whimsical (transparent flowers that look almost like ghosts or flames). All of them employ a dark background so the graphic, usually deliniated in white gleams through casting a very delicate, soft light, perfect for those nights when you just want to stay at home and gaze at your light fixture. Now that’s one light bulb we want turning on in our head.