Revenge of the Pin-Ups: COACD’s Mal-ander


The history of the pinup has mainly involved ever shrinking swimwear and various bodies of water. But T&A get their comeuppance with the COACD “Malander” shot by Kathy Lo. Eschewing supermodels for male photographers, female photographer Kathy Lo gives us pinups with a little more scruff. Douglas Perrett, COACD editor and casting director, explained, “We can’t help but fall victim to the sex appeal of male photographers. They’re the best-looking guys on set.”

Lo captured the boys lounging on sofas, eating pasta and playing with an overgrown puppy; the results look like artful candids of your dream boyfriend. Although the shots involved significantly less bronzer than your average Pirelli calendar, there was still a lot of wrangling involved. “Lets just say it wasn’t that easy to juggle 13 in-demand schedules.  Mr. April gave his hands-on art direction and called the shots… The boys all loved the attention. From requesting final approval, to re-touching and directing shoots, it’s all about ego-blowing and good casting.” In Lo’s favor, were the models themselves all of whom where fans of the COACD site. The results render the hirsute models both attractive and personable. Only a professional could get a piercing stare that grabs the attention more than the man in the gorilla suit. “In the words of Mr. February, â??I guarantee my flick is better than all the Star Wars, all 9 Terminators, Battledome, a couple a Rambos and Missing In Action 1â??3.’.” When was the last time objectification this fun?