Kill Your Idols: Chanel Drips


“Don’t mess with perfection” is a good maxim to live by, but it is clearly not the inspiration for Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop. Heykoop’s newest venture is “Chaneldrip,” a project for which he poured brightly colored liquid foam over Chanel No 5 bottles. The bottles were created for an exhibition earlier this year called “5.5 Icon meets Icons,” curated by Al Sabah Art & Design in Kuwait. It’s indeed jarring to see the most iconic object in the history of art deco covered in multicolored foam, turned into gooey little monsters (Online commenters were generally incensed.  ‘Non, non, non’ was a common phrase used.) Obscuring the epitome of grownup elegance with a childlike smear, Heykoop gently injects Chanel no. 5’s with a certain whimsy. If only