Suzanne Hodges

Casting Call: Overlook Hotel

April 26, 2013

After watching the credits roll on Stanley Kubrick’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, The Shining, we wanted to know more. According to Deadline, screenwriter Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead) will work with Warner Bros to pen a prequel from material in Stephen King’s original novel.

New Again: Wayne’s World

April 24, 2013

Wayne’s World (1992) director Penelope Spheeris and its stars, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, have reportedly made public amends after years of feuding. To celebrate their reunion, we dug up a phone chat between the two in our March 1992 issue, when Wayne’s World was still in theaters. With both actors in character, Myers’ and Carvey’s conversation is like most that take place between the pair of fictional metalheads: mostly incoherent, and totally awesome.

Casting Call: Skinny and Cat

April 12, 2013

Last summer, Skinny and Cat, a film recounting the real-life romance between Depression-era photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White and author Erskine Caldwell, was ready to film.

Casting Call: The Count of Monte Cristo

April 5, 2013

Screenwriter David S. Goyer is directing a new adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo with a “graphic novel” approach.

CHVRCHES’ Recovery Phase

March 18, 2013

Formed in 2011, CHVRCHES have released only a handful of singles online, to massive buzz in both the UK and the US for their easy combos of infectious synth beats and unembellished lyrics, including the highly addictive “The Mother We Share” and their upcoming EP’s title track, “Recover.”

Casting Call: Happy Valley

March 14, 2013

Earlier this year, Deadline reported that Al Pacino and Scarface director Brian de Palma plan to pair up on a Joe Paterno biopic titled Happy Valley.

New Again: Destiny’s Child

January 29, 2013

To reunite or not to reunite… In the few days left until Super Bowl XLVII this weekend, rumors are still circulating on the status of Beyoncé’s halftime performance.

Most Wanted: Jil Sander Box Jacket

January 22, 2013

Jil Sander’s dainty take on leather satisfies the pretty, the punky, and the professional.

First Dibs: CĂ©line Pre-Fall Look 3

January 16, 2013

We’ve seen our fair share of black pleated skirts lately, but Céline’s rendition feels brand-new.

Casting Call: Don Quixote

January 14, 2013

After a series of freak accidents and financial mishaps chronicled by its very own 2002 documentary Lost in La Mancha, Terry Gilliam is finally giving up on his modern adaptation of Don Quixote. Given Quixote‘s odd and tragic nature, it’s no surprise that the man to take over from Gilliam is Johnny Depp, one of the project’s former stars.