Stephen Mooallem

Virginie Mouzat

July 15, 2013

VIRGINIE MOUZAT: Editor in Chief, Luxury/Fashion, Le Figaro. HOME BASE: Paris. PROVENANCE: The Paris suburbs. PAST: Began her career as a model before becoming a freelance writer; joined Le Figaro as beauty editor and later moved over to cover fashion.

Robin Givhan

July 15, 2013

ROBIN GIVHAN: Special Correspondent, Style and Culture, Newsweek and The Daily Beast. HOME BASE: Washington, D.C. PROVENANCE: Detroit, Michigan. PAST: Fashion editor at The Washington Post from 1995 to 2010, with a brief sojourn as an editor at Vogue; in 2006, became the first fashion writer to win a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

Suzy Menkes

July 15, 2013

SUZY MENKES: Fashion Editor, International Herald Tribune HOME BASE: Paris. PROVENANCE: London and Brighton, England. PAST: After leaving Cambridge in 1966, joined The Times of London as a junior reporter; headhunted by Charles Wintour (father of Anna) who was then editor of the London Evening Standard; joined the Daily Express before returning to The Times; left The Times and joined The Independent in 1987; poached by the International Herald Tribune in 1988.

Tim Blanks

July 15, 2013

TIM BLANKS: Editor at Large, HOME BASE: London. PROVENANCE: Auckland, New Zealand. PAST: Host of the internationally syndicated Canadian TV show Fashion File from 1989 to 2006; editor at Toronto Life Fashion magazine.

Cathy Horyn

July 15, 2013

CATHY HORYN: Fashion Critic, The New York Times HOME BASE: New York City. PROVENANCE: Coshocton, Ohio. PAST: Fashion critic at The Detroit News and The Washington Post; contributing editor at Vanity Fair.

Bridget Foley

July 15, 2013

BRIDGET FOLEY: Executive Editor, Women’s Wear Daily. HOME BASE: New York City. PROVENANCE: Albany and Troy, New York. PAST: “I’ve had a number of different jobs at WWD over the years, but when I was hired here, it was really only my second job.”

Winona Ryder

April 23, 2013

Peace, love, and Winona Ryder.


October 23, 2011

Bono and the Edge on the making of Achtung Baby, an album that marked one of the greatest reinventions in rock history, as the biggest band in the world forged into the future by wrestling free of the past—and why they’re struggling to do that very same thing right now.

Todd Phillips

October 12, 2010

Director Todd Phillips on getting over The Hangover, and why he’s a radical humanist at heart

Eliot Spitzer

November 28, 2009

After the scandal that abruptly ended his once-promising political career, former New York State governor Eliot Spitzer plots his second act.

Winona Ryder

September 25, 2009

How Winona Ryder overcame junior high school bullies, teenage rebellion, the controversy surrounding Heathers, overwhelming stardom, tabloid harassment, her breakup with Johnny Depp, suffocating mega-fame, wearing a corset, Gen X angst, the Hollywood machine, J.D. Salinger’s cone of silence, the late ’90s malaise, her fear of series television, and that time she got arrested and found a way to be free at last.

Daniel Pinchbeck

May 22, 2009

Daniel Pinchbeck, along with a growing number of new New Agers, believes that December 21, 2012, will mark the end of the world—at least, as we know it. Will it be all-out Armageddon? Or a psychedelic, polyamorous, transformative moment in human consciousness and evolution?

Scarlett Johansson

November 30, 2008

When the news broke that Scarlett Johansson had recorded an album of Tom Waits songs, questions abounded — most commonly, “Why?” But here it is, Anywhere I Lay My Head (ATCO/Rhino), an atmospheric, almost art-rocky record of Waits tunes remade, rearranged, and reimagined with the help of Dave Sitek of the New York City indie-rock outfit TV on the Radio.