Keely Weiss

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Honestly

October 10, 2012

Smashed centers on a young married couple (Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul) whose booze-addled relationship is tested when the wife decides to get sober. Winstead’s performance as Kate Hannah is a tour de force.

Marjane Satrapi in Action

August 17, 2012

With the release of Chicken with Plums, her second film with Parronaud, the world will be treated to a new dimension of Marjane Satrapi’s repertoire. With Plums, itself based on another graphic novel of hers, Satrapi ventures into live action. The author and director conjures a visually provocative, whimsical story of life, love, and loss.

Tere Tereba Finds the Devils in the City of Angels

May 1, 2012

Today marks the release of Tere Tereba’s first book, Mickey Cohen: The Life and Times of LA’s Notorious Mobster, in which she unspools a gripping yarn about the life and times of the 20th-century Los Angeles underworld.

Adam Driver, Boy Among Girls

April 13, 2012

28-year-old Adam Driver has managed to fly far enough under the radar to avoid the perils of high-stakes celebrity but close enough to it to rack up quite the impressive list of theater credits: opposite Frank Langella in Roundabout’s Man And Boy, replacing Zachary Quinto in last year’s Angels in America, and starring in John Osborne’s recent Look Back in Anger.

Antonio Campos and the Borderline Personality

January 31, 2012

Borderline Films’ latest offering, Campos’ Simon Killer, was picked up not by any major studio’s indie distribution shingle but rather by the vaunted IFC Films—perhaps suggesting that Borderline’s true home will always be within the ultra-indie world.