Hannah Ghorashi


With Last Days, Matt Copson Is Here to Revive the Opera

February 15, 2024

“The big lie of modernism was to take the narrative and theatrics out of art,” says the artist, whose new one-act opera is loosely based on the 2005 Gus Van Sant film of the same name.

Evan Jones, Itinerant Cowboy

May 28, 2014

When it comes to shooting guns, the rugged Evan Jones is no novice; the actor’s filmography highlights include films like Jarhead, Gangster Squad, and 8 Mile, the Eminem hip-hop drama in which Jones’ character is memorable for accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Discovery: William Arcane

April 29, 2014

William Arcane’s EP Reflected, out today, consists of only two A- and B-side tracks, titled “Reflected” and “Fade,” respectively. In style, the songs sound similar enough that the memory of the other is indeed a faded reflection.

The Devastating Jeremy Saulnier

April 23, 2014

For Blue Ruin, a classic revenge story of two feuding families, the title vitally shapes the film’s personality.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

April 21, 2014

Inspired by idyllic childhood memories, Dezso designer Sara Beltrán has teamed up with floral designer and event producer Sandra Ovando to create a scented candle, Olas.

Layers of SCUM: Uncovering Valerie Solanas

April 1, 2014

Valerie Solanas’ biggest regret after shooting Andy Warhol in 1968 came from the realization that her persona would remain permanently stunted, forever boxed into this mythical would-be assassin of the outrageously famous Pop artist.

Discovery: The Beverleys

March 3, 2014

For those looking to wash down their punk/grunge/shred with a stylistic flavor reminiscent of ’60s girl groups, look to the Toronto-based trio The Beverleys.

Brandt Brauer Frick Get Their Kicks

February 24, 2014

Brandt Brauer Frick are the latest to release a DJ-Kicks album, a series of mixed albums curated by selected artists and sponsored by independent Berlin label !K7 Records.

Exclusive EP Premiere: ‘The Art of Mothering,’ Special Explosion

February 24, 2014

When siblings Andy and Lizzy Costello signed up for the after-school musical performance program the School of Rock in 2010, they were intimidated by the other students’ skill and dedication—and motivated. Special Explosion quickly leapt from playing local gigs to opening for Deerhoof and signing to Topshelf Records.

Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘How Soon Is Now,’ Silver Swans

January 30, 2014

“I think I died a little when I heard ‘How Soon Is Now’ for the first time,” confesses Silver Swans’ Ann Yu. “I didn’t know bands like this could exist.”

Trailer Face-Off: Maleficent vs. Jupiter Ascending

January 29, 2014

This week: Jupiter Ascending vs. Maleficent, two fairy-tale-inspired, female-centered tales with a modern twist.

Dee Dee Penny Provides Some Facts

January 28, 2014

Dum Dum Girls’ third studio album, also their third on Sub Pop Records, properly realizes a cult persona for lead singer and songwriter Dee Dee Penny.

Megan Mullally is a Born Performer

January 16, 2014

“Coming out” stories are often tragic. Occasionally, they are heartwarming. They are rarely, however, as impressively absurd as the tale of closeted best friends Tanner (Michael J. Willett) and Brent (Paul Iacono) in the film G.B.F.

The Private Life of Elsa Schiaparelli

January 15, 2014

A bouquet of spells, a constellation of the stars, a fireworks display—these are the analogies Yves Saint Laurent used when attempting to qualify the incomparable Elsa Schiaparelli.

Peter Pilotto Brings Prints to Target

January 15, 2014

For fashion designers, a collaboration with beloved retail giant Target is a rite of passage.

Jessica Biel’s Maternal instinct

January 10, 2014

In The Truth About Emanuel, Jessica Biel plays Linda, Emanuel’s worldly neighbor with a precious and devastating secret.

Casting Call: J.R.R. Tolkien

January 3, 2014

Fox Searchlight is developing a J.R.R. Tolkien biopic.

Casting Call: Ghost

December 20, 2013

Die-hard fans of the 1990 film Ghost can start holding their breath: the supernatural thriller and love story is coming to the small screen.

A Chelsea Morning at Barneys

December 19, 2013

Devoted downtowners rejoice! This morning, Barneys New York announced that it will open a Chelsea flagship on Seventh Avenue, between 16th and 17th streets.

Ileana Sonnabend, Forever Fresh

December 19, 2013

In the 1970s, Ileana Sonnabend’s eponymous gallery pioneered the works of artists like John Baldessari, Gilbert and George, Jasper Johns, and Jeff Koons.