Gus Van Sant


Molly Ringwald and Gus Van Sant Are Still Searching for the Real Capote

February 28, 2024

The actor and her “Feud: Capote vs the Swans” director got together to probe the inner psychology of Truman Capote and the efficacy of method acting.

Gus Van Sant remembers Andy Warhol’s transgressive film The Chelsea Girls

April 23, 2018

The director of My Own Private Idaho lionizes the idiosyncrasies of Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls.

Ben Affleck

October 10, 2012

In his latest film, Argo, Ben Affleck, the rejuvenated actor, turns in a performance that Ben Affleck, the newly minted A-list director, could have only coaxed from himself


May 3, 2010

How has Madonna-singer, dancer, actress, writer, activist, shape-shifting reinventor eternal controversialist, fashion icon, newly minted film director, and toned single mother of four-managed to become one of the most influential artists of multiple generations? By choosing “dare” every single time.

Tom Ford

December 3, 2009

In directing his first film, A Single Man, Tom Ford has turned his attention to the difficult, clashing, and sometimes painfully ugly forces that can lie beneath. but not to worry—fashion, sex, and even impossibly beautiful strangers with long, penetrating gazes still have their place.

Zac Efron

March 4, 2009

Zac Efron, High School Musical’s well-scrubbed big man on campus, is the teen nation’s most toned, tanned, Twittered-about obsession. But, lately, he’s been thinking about the future and—OMG!—is he ready to graduate.

James Franco

November 29, 2008

Seven years ago, he played James Dean in a television biopic, tinting his hair and squinting his eyes to Rebel Without a Cause-like perfection. Ever since, the temptation has been to peg him as a good-looking young man felled by the moody blues. while it’s a fact of life that no one can ever really know what lies beneath the surface of another, the Internet can help narrow the field of possibilities. Lo and behold, Generalissimo James Edward Franco: a merry prankster, a slayer of hearts, a wooer of minds, and the latest onscreen love interest of Sean Penn.