Tragic Birthing

For the past five years, Los Angeles–based collage artist Elliott Hundley has been working his way through the Greek tragedies. It’s a messy, compositional project, complete with Hellenic choruses typified in ransom-note-style magazine clippings. This month, Hundley will turn his near-epic vision to the weight of Dionysus’s mother with his show “Semele,” opening at West Hollywood’s Regen Projects. “Expect the usual photographs, paper, pins, wire, bamboo, and foam,” the 36-year-old artist says. “But also embroidered robes, hand-woven chicken wire, Mylar fringe, and plastic luau skirts.” Leave it to the 21st-century Rauschenberg—our god of post-sculptural decadence—to rope in and reevaluate Euripides’s excess.