Keeping Interview Timeless



Artist and former pro skateboarder Tony Cox turns his curatorial eye to New York’s Fuse Gallery tonight with “Will of the Way,” a show of work by Mat O’Brien and Josh Sachs. O’Brien and Sachs each make collages, using pop-culture imagery to communicate timeless themes. Cox says, “Each  speaks of familiar memorabilia.” The Brooklyn-based Sachs, whom Cox has known since their Kentucky childhoods, can also be credited with the exhibition’s title, a snip from a poem about tao, or finding the harmony with every thing that exists. His work adds paper, foil, plastic, glue, acrylic paint, and die-cut mirrors to found imagery. O’Brien’s cyan portraits involve subtle fluctuations in tone, juxtaposing comic strips with photographs of friends. We’re especially taken with O’Brien’s works that incorporate recent Interview covers. “If anything else, I think I proved that with the Interview font as your blank canvas, cropped correctly, just about anything can come out with pretty interesting results,” says O’Brien.