Pretty Little Hate Machine: Tommy Cash’s Cold War Fever Dream

Coat, Pants, and Belt by Vetements, Shirt by GCDS, Shoes by Gucci.

Tommy Cash, the Eastern European performance artist and musician single-handedly responsible for making Estonian hip-hop a thing, has always leaned into his Soviet roots. So when we asked him and a few co-conspirators to take some pictures across a frozen Russian landscape, we expected some Cold War vibes. What we were not expecting was a tank.


Jacket, Pants, and Shoes by GCDS.

Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Tie, and Shoes by Gucci.

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Creative Direction: Tommy Cash
Grooming: Irina Grishina and Fariza Rodriguez
Set Design: Egor Kolyshkin
Production: Kate Korostey
Photography Assistant: Daria Obolentseva
Fashion Assistant: Liza Girlina
Set Design Assistants: Stepan Steps and Nikita Svirs
Post-production: Anna Kott
Special Thanks: SVMoscow Store, Alexander Trubnikov, and Ilya Turov