Pretty Little Hate Machine: Tommy Cash’s Cold War Fever Dream

Photography Sasha Saharnaya
Stylist Polina Nomore

Published February 25, 2020

Coat, Pants, and Belt by Vetements, Shirt by GCDS, Shoes by Gucci.

Tommy Cash, the Eastern European performance artist and musician single-handedly responsible for making Estonian hip-hop a thing, has always leaned into his Soviet roots. So when we asked him and a few co-conspirators to take some pictures across a frozen Russian landscape, we expected some Cold War vibes. What we were not expecting was a tank.


Jacket, Pants, and Shoes by GCDS.

Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Tie, and Shoes by Gucci.

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Creative Direction: Tommy Cash
Grooming: Irina Grishina and Fariza Rodriguez
Set Design: Egor Kolyshkin
Production: Kate Korostey
Photography Assistant: Daria Obolentseva
Fashion Assistant: Liza Girlina
Set Design Assistants: Stepan Steps and Nikita Svirs
Post-production: Anna Kott
Special Thanks: SVMoscow Store, Alexander Trubnikov, and Ilya Turov