Discovery: Jen Chia

Age: 23. Hometown: I was born in Nebraska. Then I moved to San Francisco, New York City, New Jersey, and went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Now Iâ??m back in New York. Reason for returning to New York: I technically took a medical leave from MIT for having an organ removedâ??my gall bladder, one of the nonessential ones. I went there thinking I was gonna do some science-y math thing. You know Asian parents, like, â??Oh, my God, you got into MITâ??you have to go!â? But senior year I left and moved into this kind of artistsâ?? commune in a warehouse up in Astoria, Queens. Currently resides: Flatbush, Brooklyn. Day job: I was doing some art installations, which bled into construction work, wielding tools. The smell of sawdust brings me to a happy place. Career goal: Video editing is my main focus. Making sound and visuals work together, making order out of chaosâ??thereâ??s an appeal to that for me. Accidental foray into nude modeling: Iâ??m not really sure how that happened. One of Ryan McGinleyâ??s assistants contacted me. I donâ??t know how I got into their database, but I ended up doing a shoot with him. They didnâ??t let me go on the trampoline, though. I was kind of sad about that. Role model: Michel Gondry. Iâ??ve met him a couple of times. Heâ??s a cool guyâ??he played with my cat. I like the way his brain functions. Worst nightmare: I have this one recurring dream where all my teeth fall out.I think I looked up the meaning at some point. Itâ??s probably just death.

Above: Jen Chia in New York, January 2009. Jacket: Gucci. Jeans: Chiaâ??s own. Earrings: Erickson Beamon. Cosmetics: Dior, including Plum Plot Rouge Dior. Fragrance: Gucci by Gucci. Styling: Andreas Kokkino. Hair: Shinichi Arima. Makeup: April Greaves. Special thanks: Fast Ashleys.