David Lynch, Marketing Director


Images courtesy of Cartier

It’s not hard to see why the French love David Lynch. His movies are often oblique, impenetrable, and downright difficult—which are, of course, the qualifications for French citizenship. But with the notable exceptions of Elephant Man and Blue Velvet, all that idiosyncrasy doesn’t necessarily add up to big box office numbers. (This is the guy who made Dune into a movie.) He had to self-distribute Inland Empire because funding dried up. Which is likely why Lynch has become something of a creative branding machine—he hawks, via his labyrinthine website, hats, T-shirts, posters, pins, buttons, DVDs, CDs, coffee mugs, even his very own David Lynch-brand organic coffee, replete with a creepster close-up of his face slapped on each bag of grounds. You can even purchase novelty ringtones (“What the hell … Damn!”).

From December 3–7, Lynch’s outreach program arrives at Art Basel Miami Beach. Cartier has asked him to design the Cartier Dome, a sort of temporary shrine to all things Cartier. Lynch’s creation is a geodesic dome for the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, which will house precious Cartier wares, along with a 7 minute “floating diamond” film projection of Lynch’s devising. We have the preliminary sketch of the design, and actual shots of the interior. Check it out if you’re in Miami, and if Lynch himself happens to be there, you might even ask him for a concise weather forecast.